The welding bed shot blasting machine application

Today let me introduce to you about welding bed shot blasting machine designed by QINGGONG Machinery. Perhaps we know that the overall cast iron casting machine bed material is HT250, HT300, cast steel, etc., which are relatively stable and have a long service life. How much do you know about the steel shot machine tool?

The research and development of our company’s welding bed shot blasting machine has been highly recognized by machine tool manufacturing companies.

There are many types of machine tools and various manufacturing processes. The application of shot blasting machines for welding machine tools is more popular. The main problem here is the stability, manufacturability and cost of the machine bed after shot blasting.

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Whether cast or welded, there are thermal processes. In this case, there must be residual stress in the structure after cooling. The residual stress can make the geometry of the machine tool in an unstable state, which is obviously not allowed for this machine tool. The residual stress can be eliminated after treatment by shot blasting machine.

Technically, the casting machine body is often aged after casting. The welding machine body is subjected to stress relief annealing treatment to eliminate the threat of these residual stresses, and then processed into machine tool products.

The casting bed has good stability, high cost and long life, but it is troublesome to manufacture: wooden mold → sand mold → pouring → molding → riser removal → heat treatment → natural aging (at least 3 years, more than 10 years) → artificial aging → planning Light → clamping → high frequency quenching → grinding → inspection

The welding bed is easy to manufacture, the cycle is short, the style is easy to adjust, the cost is low, but it is easy to deform. After the shot blasting process, the service life of the welding bed can be greatly improved. Manufacturing process: blanking (CNC flame cutting) → pre-processing (opening) Groove) →welding (carbon dioxide gas shielded welding) →shot blasting machine treatment→ planing→ pliers→ installation of composite guide rail→ completion.

It can be seen that the manufacturing efficiency of a welded bed can be one thousandth of that of casting. Due to the intervention of modern processing methods, the cost is very low, but the welded bed cannot completely replace the cast bed, whether it is a cast bed or a welding As long as the bed body is treated with effective stress relief by the qinggong shot blasting machine, the geometric stability is the same.

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