How to install the shot blasting machine by customer?

Due to the impact of the COVID-19, many customers are worried about the installation of the shot blasting machine. But this is a not problem for Qinggong machinery. Recently, we successfully guided the Brazil customer to install a big size steel structure roller conveyor shot blasting machine by himself.

All the shot blasting machines are non-standard machine, it need to professional workers to guide install, so we are very understand the installation concerns of all customers. In response to this phenomenon, Qinggong industrial shot blaster Machinery has adjusted the installation plan of all the equipment since March, 2020.

install the machine by customer 2.jpg

Whether the machine is small or big, we will give customer below document to guide install:

1. Machine drawings

2. Foundation pit drawings

3. Circuit diagram

4. Instruction for installation

5. Installation video (machine that can install in our workshop before delivery)

6. Video communication guide...

Before delivery the machine, we will do what we can to pre-assembly the machine together at our factory and testing the machine before delivery, for a non-standard machine which is tailored by customer detailed requirements, this is the most important thing during the installation. And all the shot blasting machine parts will be marked number and in document have how to connect. The most important is that Qinggong machinery has established samples of every type shot blasting machine in the workshop, if customer meet the installation problem that can not be solved, we can make on-site video to guide customer to install with the sample machine.

sample of shot blasting machine in workshop 1.jpg

sample of shot blasting machine in workshop 2.jpg

Qinggong machinery has served in shot blasting machine and sand blast room industry more than 45 years, we always adhere to the principle of producing high quality products to meet customer requirements. Selling equipment to customer is not our ultimate goal. Making customer satisfied with the machine and bring profits to customer is our pursuit.

Anyway, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any requirements of wheel blasting or air blasting machine.