How to debug the roller conveyor shot blasting machine?

Roller conveyor shot blasting machine uses a high-speed blast turbine to blast the surface of the product workpiece, strengthen the internal molecules of the workpiece, and make the internal molecular product workpieces more closely arranged, which make the product parts the mechanical properties are stronger. It should be known that the steel shot thrown by the roller conveyor shot blasting machine mainly relies on the blast turbine. The high-speed shot blasting time of the shot blasting machine is long, and the shot angle of the steel shot will be worse due to the elastic force. Adjust the blast angle, and how to adjust the blasting turbine? Many people don't understand. In fact, the method is also very simple. That is, adjust the specific position of the control cage so that all the steel shots fall on the blasting machine parts to be cleaned. Check whether the specific position of the adjusted control cage is accurate, just replace the workpiece of the product to be cleaned with a wooden board or white paper, start the shot blasting machine, input a small amount of shot blasting material, and check the specific position of the ejected belt and the specific control cage. The position is adjusted to the appropriate specific position.

It should be noted that the load test can be performed after adjusting the control cage of the roller conveyor blast machine. Ensure that the equipment is kept in good working order. After half an hour of shot blasting, and then adding shot blasting materials, the equipment's shot blasting cleaning efficiency will be higher and the effect will be better. If you are not sure about the adjustment skills of the shot blaster, you can also consult the technicians of the professional equipment manufacturer- QINGGONG Machinery.

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Blasting turbine is the core component of shot blasting machine operation. The shot blasting efficiency of the shot blasting machine directly affects the overall performance of the shot blasting machine. Due to the lack of necessary debugging work, operators with inexperience in the utility model shot blasting machine will greatly reduce the shot blasting effect of the shot blasting machine, which will affect the cleaning of the shot blasting machine. The shot blasting effect of the shot blasting machine can achieve a better running state.

1. Increase the supply of abrasives;

2. Adjust the position of the control cage window;

Rotating the control cage can adjust the direction of the jet within the scope of the abrasive. However, excessive left and right jets will weaken the jetting ability and accelerate the wear of the radial shield.

1) Place a light to moderately corroded or painted steel plate in the shot blasting area;

2) Start the blasting turbine of the shot blast machine. The motor accelerates to a suitable speed;

3) Use the abrasive control valve (manually) to open the blast port. After about 5 seconds, the shot blasting material is sent to the impeller, and the rusty metal material on the mildly and moderately corroded steel plate is removed.

4) Use a 19MM adjustable wrench to determine the position of the abrasive, loosen the three hexagon bolts on the pressure plate until the control cage can be rotated by hand, and then tighten the control cage.

5) Prepare new steel shots to test better settings.

(Repeat Articles 3 to 5 several times until the projectile position is obtained.)

3. Make sure that the relative position between the abrasive distribution wheel and the impeller body is correct

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