Where Are Floor Shot Blasters Usually Used?

The floor shot blaster can remove the laitance and impurities on the surface of the concrete at one time, and can roughen the surface of the concrete to make the surface uniform and rough, which greatly improves the adhesion strength of the waterproof layer and the concrete base, so that the waterproof layer and the bridge deck is better combined, and at the same time, the cracks in the concrete can be fully exposed, which plays a role in preventing problems before they occur. So where are floor shot blasters usually used?

1. Floor shot blaster: anti-skid treatment of asphalt pavement and oil-flooding cleaning of pavement

The impact of road surface roughness on traffic cannot be ignored, and traffic accidents caused by road slippage continue to rise every year. For example, it is very convenient and flexible to use a floor shot blaster to roughen the road in turning sections and accident-prone sections to improve the anti-skid performance of passing vehicles.

On highways and expressways, due to the weather, the asphalt pavement often has oil flooding, which affects the normal driving of the vehicle. The floor shot blaster can directly remove the surface oil flooding of the asphalt pavement and improve the reduction in skid resistance caused by oil flashing.

2. Floor shot blaster: cleaning the marking lines of the road surface, roughening and cleaning the surface when the road surface is covered

The cleaning of the old marking lines on the road surface is also a headache. With the floor shot blaster/floor mobile shot blasting machine, the marking lines can be easily removed, especially suitable for the cleaning of cold paint markings and the cleaning of surfaces such as municipal pedestrian streets.

The use of floor shot blaster to pretreat the road surface can increase the roughness of the surface and greatly increase the structural durability of the slurry dust cover. Shot blasting can greatly improve the bonding strength between the resin overlay and the original base layer when the resin material overlay is used.

3. Floor shot blaster: the airport runway removes tire rubber marks and cleans the surface of steel plates

Aircraft taking off and landing at high speed on the airport runway will leave rubber marks on the runway, which will affect the take-off and landing of the aircraft. With the road shot blasting machine, the cleaning speed and cleaning depth can be set according to the different conditions of the runway. The cleaned surface is very neat and beautiful, especially the winter construction is not affected.

Cleaning steel plate surface, ship deck, steel box girder bridge deck, oil drilling platform. The floor shot blasting machine can remove scale, rust and roughen the ship deck, steel box girder bridge deck, oil drilling platform, chemical oil tank, the inner surface of the ship and the surface of the steel plate, which can fully meet the pretreatment requirements of anti-corrosion coating or heavy anti-corrosion coating.