Brief Introduction of Sandblasting Room System

The dedusting system consists of dust suction and discharging pipes, bottom and side suction inlets, modular filter cartridge deduster, dust-discharging fan, dust-discharging chimney, etc.

The working principle of sandblasting room system

The working principle of dedusting system: In the sandblasting room, the dedusting system adopts the circular dust collection treatment mode of upper air inlet, lower and side air discharging (as shown in the working schematic diagram of the room body). The clean air enters the sandblasting room from the top of the room, and the dedusting fan sucks the polluted and turbid gas in the room into the deduster through each dust suction inlet for collection and treatment. As the dust recovery suction inlets of the environmental friendly pneumatic recovery sandblasting room are all arranged under the cellular sand absorption floor and on the side walls of the room body, the air flow drives the dust to move from top to bottom, and the dust is always suppressed in the lower part of the sandblasting room, therefore, the dust concentration is very low, the visibility is very high and the working environment is good in the space above 0.5m in the sandblasting room.

When the sand recovery fan collects sand dust from the cellular floor and makes it enter the desander for sand-dust air separation treatment, a part of useless dust is also sucked into the filter element for dusting, collection and treatment, and the clean air is discharged out of the atmosphere. The dust-discharging pipes of the two dust-discharging fans can be combined according to the needs and finally enter the dust-discharging chimney to meet the emission standard requirements.

Because of the structure problem of the traditional sandblasting room, the dedusting outlet is usually arranged on the top of the shot blasting room, and the dust flow direction is from bottom to top or horizontal. Therefore, the dust content is always high, the visibility is low and the working environment is terrible in the shot blasting room.

A large flow of gas and dust will be produced in the sandblasting workshop in the working process, which not only causes health hazards to the staff, but also pollutes the environment if the gas flows into the air. Therefore, the bag-type deduster produced by QGMA is specially designed for sandblasting room workshop. Based on the dust point, dust particle density and the air volume needed in the sandblasting room, the price of the bag-type deduster for sandblasting room workshop will be approximately calculated to solve the price problem for users.

The structrue of sandblasting room system

The design of the sandblasting room system in sandblasting room is the same as that of general bag-type deduster: The material of the bag is selected according to the concentration and temperature of dust and smoke. The bag-type deduster is widely used in metallurgy industry, foundry smoke treatment, woodworking dust treatment, mine dust treatment, boiler industry dust treatment, chemical industry dust and smoke treatment and other industries. It is a deduster equipment with high dedusting efficiency, small occupied area, low price of single pulse bag-type deduster, stable working, simple operation and convenient maintenance.

The structure of bag-type deduster in sandblasting room: the structure of bag-type deduster is very simple, and it can be divided into three parts according to the whole structure: the main body of the deduster, filtering system and dust cleaning system (including fan, electromagnetic pulse valve, pipeline, dedusting bag, dedusting framework, electric control parts, ash bucket, etc.).

The main body of the deduster: the shell is made of carbon steel with anti-corrosion surface, which has long service life, strong shell, acid and alkali resistance and high-temperature resistance.

Filtration system: the filter bag is made of needled felt filter material, which not only has strong air permeability, but also can filter dust and smoke very well. In the process of high temperature treatment, we can choose FMS needle felt filter material and PPS acid and alkali resistant and high temperature resistant filter material. The flame retardant polymer fiber has a limiting oxygen index (LOI) of 34-35, which is a kind of incombustible material. Polyphenylene fiber needle felt material has high temperature resistance as well as corrosion resistance. The framework of the deduster is used to assist the filter bag to filter dust and smoke in the filtration system.

The dust cleaning system of the deduster: After long period of working, the dust on the outer surface of the filter bag is more and more accumulated and the resistance of the deduster equipment increases. When the resistance reaches a certain value, open the pulse valve, then the shake occurs by the expansion and deformation of the filter bag through the impact of the pulse valve and the dust on the surface of the filter bag falls into the ash bucket, and the procedure is circularly operated. Finally, the goal of purifying the air is achieved.