How to maintain the roller conveying shot blasting machine

The roller conveyor shot blasting machine is not only easy to operate, but also very efficient. Therefore, subject to the conditions of many factory workers, it is necessary to pay attention to the production process, especially the problem of replacing the dust bag, which seriously affects the efficiency of cleaning steel through the shot blasting machine and how to replace it.

Roller conveyor blast machine, it is forbidden to open the observation door of the sealed warehouse at the entrance and exit during operation to check the operation of the workpiece.

The shot blasting machine can generate pressure on the surface of the casting process by the shot blasting device. During use, the fatigue strength of castings is greatly improved, and their corrosion resistance is also improved. Some steel shot blasting machines can be used. The parts or parts deformed during the manufacturing process can be calibrated as needed.

The target cleaning task is automatically completed by the type shot blasting machine, which not only reduces the labor intensity of manual cleaning, but also improves the cleaning effect and greatly improves the work efficiency. At the same time, since the mechanical equipment is made of steel, the design is reasonable. Even if the industrial shot blasting equipment is in working condition for a long time, the equipment will not have serious failures and has a long service life. The straight-through shot blasting machine is very long. There is no problem with maintenance and cleaning. It is indispensable cleaning equipment for the iron and steel foundry industry. When an iron shot is used, the through-type shot blasting machine has high hardness and is easily broken into polygons to form sharp corners. The movement on the blade is mainly sliding, so the cutting action is serious and the grinding is serious. There are deep scratches on the surface.

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Clean the particles around the machine in time to prevent slipping. Turn on the dust removal pulse regularly to remove the dust on the shot blasting machine. If the steel plate is not used for a long time, it will recoil before the next use. Smoking is prohibited in the operating area. Since the type of shot blasting machine may produce high temperatures, open flames are prohibited. The equipment contains flammable materials. If exposed to an open flame, it may cause a fire.

Due to long-term work, the dust bag of the dust collector gradually wears out, mainly because the dust grinding bag has a dust bag, and the dust bag is deteriorated or corroded due to high temperature. Therefore, the serious part of the dust bag is the bottom, so after a period of shelling, the dust bag needs to be replaced.

If the wear area of the dust bag is relatively small, you can use the original cloth or some special cloth to fill the hole, but when the damaged area is relatively large, the use of the rag cannot meet the needs, so it should be replaced with a new one. Dust bag and long-term use may also reduce the air permeability of the dust bag and affect its cleaning efficiency. Therefore, even if it is not damaged, it should be replaced regularly. This can not only ensure production efficiency but also ensure safety. Therefore, the straight-through shot blasting machine should be turned off when changing the bag.

The above is the reason and method of replacing the dust bag with the through-type shot blasting machine. The above methods can easily make the dust bag new, and can reduce the use cost to a certain extent, so these methods are also used by some experienced workers.

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