Sandblasting room scraper recovery system shipped to Egypt

In the New Year of 2021, Qinggong Machinery successfully delivered the first order of goods-Scraper floor recovery system of sandblasting room shipped to Egypt. Let me give a brief introduce of our product.

Our Egypt customer want to have a floor recovery system to recycle the abrasive of the sandblasting room. According to the dimension of customers room, the productivity of the workpieces, our engineering team advise to use 3 sets scraper abrasive recovery system to ensure the recovery rate of abrasive and labor cost. three scraper conveyors completely cover the floor of the customer's sandblasting room. Create a fully automatic, high volume abrasive reclaim system where 100% of the abrasive blast media is returned to the separator system during the blasting operation, full recycling of the abrasive media, saving blasting operation both time and money.

Sandblasting room scraper recovery system shipped to Egypt 2.jpg

There are 3 scraper recovery systems, each scraper recovery system includes 1 scraper conveyor, 1 bucket elevator, 1 air wash separator, 1 Maintenance platform and 2 sandblasting pots. Used 2 high cabinets of 40 for delivery.

The size of single scraper conveyor is 8950*1500*390, with cylinder control. Three scraper conveyors transfer the abrasive from two blasting pots back to the elevator, then into the air wash cleaner system(separator), and then the cleaned abrasive get into the storage hopper to recycle, the residual will get out of the recycle system from the separator. The customer is very satisfied with our products and solutions, and voluntarily pays the extra cost as our design fee.

Sandblasting room scraper recovery system shipped to Egypt 3.jpg

Due to the epidemic, our installation engineers were unable to arrive at the customer’s site for installation, so we tagged all components before shipment, and will guide customers online to install and run successfully.

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