Requirements for the installation environment of shot blasting machine

Installation site

The overall shape is giant, it should leave enough space for maintenance, loading and unloading after installation. There should be enough space between the control panel and blast wheel assembly in the safety consideration


Ambient environment

The equipment should be placed in the anti-rain and dry workshop, which is to avoid damage the electric components and rust the abrasive. The dust collector equipment can be placed outdoor with rain-proof shed if there are no any other special requirements, if the user want to install the equipment out of the workshop, the simple workshop should be built to effectively protect the equipment; meanwhile, the convenient to maintenance & transportation and the the influence to the environment, etc. should be take into consideration, so as to the equipment provide max. service for the user.

Caution: be sure not to install the equipment in the area that there are maybe running water



The blasting cabinet should be firmly fixed on the border of foundation to avoid vibration.

The components of the machine should rotate flexible, no jam and no sharp frictional noise after installation.

The drive belt should be tensioned during installation, the sagging degree of drive chain of elevator should be 2% to 4% of the center distance between the chain wheel