Company Profile

QINGGONG MACHINERY has a staff of 150 employees and with nearly 50 % of employees with a high or higher level of education. The company activity is the design, manufacture, sales of automatic shot blasting machine, sandblasting room and punching machine, and over more than 40 years of experience. QINGGONG MACHINE has more than 4,500 references in different fields of engineering all over the world. Approximately 4,000 of these are shot blasting machines and more than 3,500 are still working.

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QINGGONG MACHINERY has won and maintained the trust of prestigious firms worldwide as a result of its capability to supply highly reliable and exceptionally durable machines of extraordinary quality and resistance. Minimized operating costs translate into tremendous savings for customers year after year. Many clients have been operating QINGGONG machines continuously for more than 25 years with just normal maintenance.

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Company Culture

QINGGONG MACHINERY firmly adheres to our commitment towards our customers, honest trade practices & staying at pace with the latest technological advancements. These enable us to cross every hurdle that comes our way and asserts our individuality amongst others engaged in the same business.

Our aim is to position ourselves at the uppermost position by providing our customers with superior quality products & after-sales service & thereby winning their trust.

Last but not least, our never-ending greed for optimal customer satisfaction, keeps us one ahead of our competitors.

Honor Certificates

  • BKC
  • CQM
  • UCS
  • ISO