What is important when choosing type of shot blasting blades

Why is the wheel blast turbine so important?

Because this is an important part of every shot blasting machine, which has a great impact on the quality of the blasted surface. The KT series wheel blast, which we developed in QINGGONG Machinery, is distinguished by exceptional characteristics, but it also enables numerous component configurations, flawless operation, and easy maintenance.

What is the difference between straight and curved blades?

As the name suggests, straight blades, if viewed from the side, are not curved but straight. While the curved blades are curved at a certain angle.

difference between straight and curved blades

Which type of shot blasting blades to choose?

The biggest advantage of curved blades over straight ones of the same size is that they allow a higher abrasive speed (at the same wheel rotation speed and at the same wheel diameter) and thus a higher energy impact that is transmitted to the workpiece.

Curved blades enable outlet speed of abrasive, which is from 27% to 30% higher than with straight blades. It is used mainly in the following shot blasting procedure:

1. When more particle energy is required and where distances are greater

2. For workpieces where greater roughness is required

3. Where you need to remove the scale,

4. To achieve a larger alment in shot peening.

Straight blades enable lower outlet speed but higher mass flow at the same motor power.

The decision of which blades to choose therefore depends from case to case.

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What if the shot blasting blades need to be replaced?

In case that you first decide on straight blades and later on found out that you don't achieve the right results and would rather have curved blades, this is not a problem, as all parts are interchangeable. Straight or curved blades can be installed on the KT series wheel, as changing the type and material of the blades does not represent any additional cost or reconstruction.

KT series wheels have proven to be cost-effective and reliable, as they are used by many customers in the foundry, metal processing, and automotive industry.

KT series high-performance turbines have blasting machine spare parts including blasting wheels provided with eight throwing blades locked into the wheel double-disc. The double-disc wheel offers the following advantages:

Improved abrasive flow for faster cleaning cycles

Direct mounted motors or spindles eliminate manual wheel alignment issues

Easy front of housing access to runner's head

Optional replaceable, long-lasting cast liners

Integrated dual labyrinth hub seal for superior abrasive containment

T-nuts assist in a housing replacement

Integral U-shaped feed spout clamp for improved adjustment and assembly

Low speed and high-speed direct-drive motors

Direct-coupled spindle drives allow for re-use of existing motors

Less part wear due to greater concentricity and more precise alignment

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