SmartLine Hanger Type Shot Blasting Machine

SmartLine Hanger Type Shot Blasting Machine is a standard hanger type shot blasting machine, QINGGONG MACHINERY developed this series of shot blasting machine based on more 20 years design and manufacture experiences, draw out the most widely used models as our SmartLine hanger type shot blasting machine.

The SmartLine hanger type shot blasting machine can be widely used in Surface shot blasting or strengthening the treatment of medium and small-sized castings and forgings in foundry, construction, chemical, electrical, machine tools and other industries.

The advantages as follows:

▲ Adopt large blasting volume and high ejection speed international fourth-generation cantilever centrifugal blast wheels, it could significantly improve the cleaning efficiency, to obtain a satisfying cleaning quality.   

▲ Simulating shot blasting figure and all blast wheel figures adopt CAD drawing, the selection and layout of the blast wheel are more reasonable. Improve the utilization rate of the abrasives and the labor productivity, ensure the cleaning efficiency, and reduce the wear of chamber guard plate.  

 ▲ Adopt the most popular no pit structure, not only save the construction cost and time, but also solve the problem that elevator shot/sand rust agglomerate caused by pit water storage.   

▲ Adopt 1/2 set electric hoist hanging workpieces working way. 

▲ The hook has the functions of lifting, running and rotating (positive& negative) in the chamber.  

▲ The cleaning chamber adopts high manganese steel plate protection, compared with the previous rubber plate protection, its service life is greatly improved, beautiful appearance, easy to replace, and is the popular cleaning chamber protect way. Our company has a full set of guard plate parts and can service customers at any time.

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