Hanger type shot blasting machine in production

Last week our workshop is manufacturing 2 sets hanger type shot blasting machine to meet the beginning of new year 2021. Let me give a brief introduction of those 2 machines.

Hanger type shot blasting machine is divided into single hook and double hook. Those two machines belong to double hook type, its load the workpieces alternately into the blasting chamber. One hook for blasting and the other for loading and unloading.

Hanger type shot blasting machine in production 3.jpg

The blasting chamber dimension is 1800*1800*2800, the effective cleaning of maximum workpiece size is Φ1000*1600, with two 7.5kw high efficiency wheel blasting turbines.

Our blast turbine adopts three-phase asynchronous motor by SIEMENS, which obvious have higher efficiency and longer service time. our KT series blast turbine adopts an abrasive dynamic design, which allows all abrasive leave the turbine when they reach the highest speed with the least internal bounce and self-wear. Also, we use high resistance liners made from high chrome cast steel, the abrasive hot zone has a maximum thickness up to 70 mm. when we install the turbines, we have a full concern about the rotating direction and blast angle to achieve a full abrasive coverage and better cleaning performance.

The door of this machine is in the form of opposite door. The inner side of the gate is covered with wear-resistant rubber guard plate, which is made of steel plate and pressed with hexagonal nuts. Foam rubber strips are glued around the door to effectively seal around the door; The lower part is provided with a shot groove, the small part of the shot taken out when the door is opened into the chamber, to prevent the shot from falling to the ground and causing people to slip down and get injured. An oil cup is arranged on the door shaft of the door to lubricate the bearing in the door leaf.

Hanger type shot blasting machine in production 2.jpg

This machine adopts full curtain type abrasive separator. The separator is composed of a separator screw, a roller screen, a pellet silo, etc. A feeding port is provided at the funnel of the sand separator to supplement new projectiles to the equipment.

The pellet sand mixture flowing into the bucket elevator is sent to the roller screen by the separator spiral. The drum screen is provided with an inner and outer spiral sheet. When working, the inner spiral plate will sand block and other large particles of debris moving to the slag discharge mouth. After screening, the mixture of shot, sand and dust is pushed by the outer spiral plate of the drum screen, and it is evenly distributed along the length of the separator. Then, the shot material flows uniformly to the bottom of the separator in the state of flow curtain through the adjustment of the separator's heavy hammer. At this point, the separator fan draws air through the separator exhaust hole. Using the principle of gravity wind separation, the projectile and metal oxide skin debris, broken projectile, dust effective separation, large particles of waste from the separator pellet material overflow mouth flow out, small pellet material, dust from the waste outlet flow out, the projectile into the pellet silo for circulation.

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