Shot Blasting Machine


Shot Blasting Machine

QINGGONG MACHINERY shot blasting machine offers you an effective solution to deal with the surface of the workpieces, including remove the contaminant on the surface, clean and roughen a smooth surface before applying a primer or coating to the workpiece. More specifically, the treatment of a shot blasting machine includes derusting, descaling, desanding, or deburring of the workpieces. Other uses are such as surfaces shot peening, finishing, and roughening of surfaces so as to make coat better. 

According to its working principle, shot blasting machines can be divided into two types, that is, wheel blasting and air blasting. QINGGONG MACHINERY supplies a variety of shot blasting machines to meet your different needs. According to the industry, different types of shot blasting machines can be chosen from. To learn more, you may see the “Industry” applications. Contact us to get more information about our shot blasting machine products.

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Sandblasting Equipment

Sandblasting room is used to do blasting job of those irregular workpieces.With various shapes, parts can't be easily cleaned by blasting turbines, which can consume large amount of power and blasting media. Automatic wheel blasting machines are not able to blast different parts from different angles. However, sand blast room can well solve the above problems. A sandblasting room consists of a blasting body, sandblasting system, abrasive reclaim system, dust collector system, workpiece conveying system, electric control system, and lighting system.

QINGGONG MACHINERY mainly supplies four types of partial reclaim systems, including sweep-chute floor, single screw, H-shaped partial reclaim system, and U-shape partial reclaim system.

QINGGONG MACHINERY also offers a full spectrum of blast room reclaim floor designs and configurations. Our full floor reclaim system requires merely a shallow concrete foundation. The type of sandblasting room is carefully designed to lift working effiency.

Sandblasting room has a wide range of applications. Click "Buy Sandblasting Room" to get more information.

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QINGGONG MACHINERY was founded in 1975, providing perfect solutions for shot blasting machine, sandblasting room and CNC turret punch press to users around the world.

QINGGONG MACHINERY adheres to the concept of efficient, intelligent, creative, environmental protection and compatible product development, insist on the strategy of brand operation, to create a diverse and comprehensive blasting equipment line. QINGGONG MACHINERY focuses on sustainable development, can better serve future customers.

Strong production bases, abundant manufacturing experience, and a professional engineer team contribute to the in-depth development of blasting machines. From standard machines to non-standard automatic blasting lines, QINGGONG MACHINERY's team is at your disposal to define and answer all your needs related to the blasting machine.

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  • Your equipment works very well here, I already recommended my friend to ask you for another shot blasting machine, please care of him.

    Jorge, America
  • Everything good with the Machine,we are using S110 shot and its Brilliant!

    The Wheels come out just how we wont them to, and nothing has worn on the machine so very happy. 

    Hope you are keeping well, and you have a Happy New Year too.

    Thanks for keeping in touch by for now.

    Colin Ryde, England
  • This shot blasting machine is very good. The quality has improved over other companies' shot blasting machine that I have seen. Cost versus quality is outstanding.

    John, Brazil
  • We want to thank you for your good quality shot blasting machine and the whole support your company provides from the start of this order. After more than half a year of using these blasters, there is no big problems with this machine until now, but we met some small problems which your company already gave solutions in time.

    Kevin, Australia
  • The blasting booth equipment is still in good working conditions after a one-year operation. My big boss said Chinese equipment is amazing and impressive.

    Giambattista Parodo, Chile
  • I've started using the sandblasting room for one week. It works so well.

    Daniel, Bacau Romania
  • The unit that we have, has been in operation and has successfully completed the job. Our team is very happy with the shot blaster’s performance and results. I would also like to thank you and your team for the professional support received.

    Michael, Malaysia
  • Your sandblasting room is perfect, we are happy using it.

    M S Ahsan, Qatar


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