How to properly maintain a shot blasting machine

With proper maintenance of the shot blasting machine, you can improve its performance and avoid possible unplanned production downtime. Production downtime can cost you a lot, not only when it comes to repairing a machine, but you also need to consider lost production time.

The machine maintenance includes:

Machine control during operation,

Change of worn-out parts,

Regular lubrication and preventive check-ups.

The shot blasting machine, especially some of its blasting machine spare parts (like blades, control cage, impellers, shields, inlet pipes, etc.) are subject to high wear and therefore regular inspection is required.

Observe the service program

QINGGONG Machinery has a specific service program, which the customer receives when purchasing a shot blasting machine. The machine must be inspected and maintained according to the plan, as this is the only way to prevent major errors or irregularities. It is always cheaper to eliminate minor faults, so the machine operator must:

check the operation of the wheels,

remove all waste material from the container under the dust collector and abrasive cleaner,

control the quality and quantity of abrasives in circulation,

visual inspection of the machine.

The machine operator must be in contact with the maintenance service, which takes care of major repairs or replacement of certain wearing parts of the machine.

Once a year or every 800 working hours, service is recommended by QINGGONG Machinery, where qualified service technicians perform a general inspection and service inspection.

Use original blasting machine spare parts.

For optimal operation of shot blasting machine, it is important to install original spare parts. This is the safest option as you know what you are buying, it has a warranty of shot blasting machine manufacturers and fits your shot blasting machine.

original blasting machine spare parts

Counterfeits of original parts are cheap substitutes that do not reach the required quality. They may be cheaper, but their quality will be poorer and their lifespan shorter, which automatically means more production interruptions.

Adherence to the service program and the use of original spare parts is also important to form the point of view of compliance with the warranty, as QINGGONG Machinery can ensure optimal operation of the machine only if both conditions are met.

Daily maintenance and maintenance

1. Check whether the bolts on the shot blasting equipment and the motor are loose, whether the wear parts inside the shot blasting machine are worn, and check whether the maintenance doors are closed.

2. Check if there is any air leakage in the dust collector pipeline, if the cartridge filter is dusty or broken, check whether there is any debris on the filter screen in the separator, check whether the electronically controlled steel shots supply gate valve is closed, and check the wear of the guard plate in the shot blasting room.

3. Check whether the limit switch is normal, check whether the signal light on the console is normal, and clean the dust on the electrical control panel.  

Monthly maintenance and maintenance

1. Check whether the bolts at the connection of each component are fixed.

2. Check whether the rotating parts are operating normally, and lubricate them in time.

3. Check the wear of the fan duct and whether it is fixed.

Seasonal maintenance and maintenance

1. Check the condition of the bearing electric control box, and add lubricating oil.

2. Check the wear of the wear protection plate of the wheel blast.

3. Check the tightness of the motor, sprocket, fan, fixed bolt, and flange connection of vibration conveying.

4. Replace the bearing on the main bearing seat of the shot blasting machine with a new high-speed lubricant.  

Annual maintenance and maintenance

1. Check the condition of all the bearings and add lubricating oil, check the cartridge filter, check all the motor bearings, replace or substitute the guard plate in the ejection zone, and the machine should be overhauled regularly.

2. Check the high manganese steel guard plate, wear-resistant rubber, and other protective plates in the shot blasting chamber, check the tension of the hoist, and tension in time when it is loose

3. Check the vibration of the shot blasting machine, and stop working immediately if any abnormality is found, and regularly lubricate all motors and bearings on the equipment.

4. Regularly replenish new projectiles. When installing the blades of the shot blasting machine, pay attention to the mass difference of a group of eight blades not more than 5g, and check the wear and tear of the blades.

5. Security.

The scattered debris should be cleaned up in time, and the equipment should be kept away from the equipment during operation to avoid unnecessary injury.

Cut off the power supply during equipment maintenance and make a mark. Protective devices such as chains or transmission belts should be installed after inspection. Safety measures should be taken before each startup. If an accident occurs during preparation, press the emergency button to stop work to avoid occurrence. accident.

maintenance of shot blasting equipment