Hanger chain type shot blasting machine for casting parts

Shot blasting machine is a kind of processing technology that projected the steel grit and steel shot on the surface of material object at high speed through shot blasting device. It’s faster and more effective than other surface treatment technologies, thereby retaining parts or casting processes after stamping.

Hanger chain type shot blasting machine is mainly suitable for a variety of medium, large castings, forgings, welding, thermal treatment of the surface, including and irregular shape of the work piece. It is suitable for surface cleaning or strengthening of multi-variety, medium and small-batch forging and riveting parts, especially for slender and thin-walled parts. It can apply strong shot blasting to the surface of steel in the original state, remove the surface rust spot, welding slag and oxidized skin to obtain the metallic gloss surface with uniform finish, in order to remove the stress and improve the surface coating quality and anticorrosion performance of steel.

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Advantages of Hanger chain type shot blasting machine for casting parts

1.   The hanger shot blasting machine with large quantity and high projected speed can obviously improve the cleaning efficiency and get satisfactory cleaning quality. 

2 .  The simulated drawings of the shot blasting machine, including the type of shot blasting device, the number of the blast wheel and the determination of the location of the space layout, etc., and all the drawings of the shot blasting machine are drawn by computer-aided design (CAD). The selection and arrangement of the shot blasting device is more reasonable. It can improve the utilization rate and productivity of the projectile, ensure the cleaning effect and reduce the wear on the chamber body guard plate. 

3.  Adopting the popular structure of groundless pit is not only saves the construction cost and time but also solves the problem of rusting and caking of the pills and in the hoist caused by the storage of water in the pit. 

4.  The cleaning sand blast booth indoor hot zone is protected by high resistant manganese plate. Compared with the previous rubber plate protection, its service life is greatly improved, and its appearance is beautiful and easy to replace. It is the best way to protect the cleaning machine chamber body today.

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