Daily Maintenance Methods of Sandblasting Room

1. Sandblasting pipeline and gas path

Check whether the sandblasting hose is damaged, if so, replace it immediately. Check whether the connection is firm. If there is leakage, it should be eliminated immediately.

Check the damage, wear, and connection of the air pipe to ensure that each joint is sealed reliably. If it is worn, it should be replaced immediately.

2. Honeycomb floor

Check whether there are large impurities in the honeycomb floor at work and after work every day. If so, they should be removed.

3. Artificial respirator

Before going to and from work, check whether the protective glass of the respirator is damaged or affects the processing operation in the sandblasting room. If affected, replace it immediately. Ensure personal safety; check the air filter and air source of the respirator to ensure normal air supply.

As the protective clothing glass is fragile, the sandblasting operation should be handled with care. Do not touch it randomly, and should place it stably when not in use.

4. Spray gun and nozzle

Check the wear of the gun and nozzle. If it is seriously worn or the efficiency of the sandblasting process is significantly reduced, replace it immediately.

As the nozzle, the switch of the spray gun, and the protective clothing glass are fragile, the sandblasting operation should be handled with care. Do not shake or touch them,  place them stably when not in use.

5. Sediment valve and desilting regulating stem

Check whether the regulating stem is worn and must be replaced in advance.

6. Indoor protective rubber

Check whether the rubber in the room is damaged and replace it according to the situation.

7. Door safety switch, gun switch

Check whether the gate control safety switch and spray gun switch are sensitive and effective. If the action fails, the maintenance shall be carried out immediately.

8. Seal

Check the seals, especially the door seals. If they are found invalid, they should be replaced immediately.

9. Electric control

Check whether the operation control button of each equipment is normal. If any abnormality is found, it should be repaired immediately.

10. Floodlight

Check the use of protective glass, ballast, and bulb of lamps.

11. Dust filter box and ash box

The sandblasting room requires that the dust in the filter element dust box and separator dust box should be removed before the operation.