Overhead rail shot blasting machine for brake disc

Brake disc overhead rail shot blasting machine is suitable for shot blasting of large and small work pieces. The work piece can run continuously or step by step with the hanging chain or adopt advanced accumulation push-type overhead rail conveying work so that the work piece is stopped in the loading and unloading and shot blasting areas, then the fixed-point loading and unloading and fixed-point shot blasting processes are realized. Click here to see how shot blasting machine works. The brake disc is a good example.

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To achieve complete coverage, the brake disc carrying hooks rotate and stop automatically at a different location in the blast chamber. This rotation and oscillation process means that even highly complex workpieces, with hard to reach surfaces, can be safely and accurately treated.

The transport system can be designed for different size & weights. As an option, carrying hooks are available with integrated chain hoists for operational ease and safety.

Depending on the workpieces to be treated, and the preceding and subsequent processes, it may be advantageous to combine the carrying hooks with a chain hoist so that workpiece batches or heavy parts can be easily picked up. The chain hoist is operated directly at the loading/unloading station of the overhead rail system.

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This sand shot blasting machine can be used not only alone but also in combination with other machines to form a production line.

Brake disc overhead rail shot blasting machin is to group the work suspension hooks (usually a group of 3 hooks). The number of hooks is based on the customer's working frequency and the length of the entire cleaning line. Its working sequence is feeding → waiting → shot blasting (rotation) → waiting → feeding → waiting → feeding.

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