What are the Design Basis of Sandblasting Room?

Sandblasting room is also called shot blasting room or sand blasting room, which is suitable for cleaning and derusting the surface of some large workpieces and increasing the adhesion between the workpiece and the coating. According to the recovery method of abrasives, the sandblasting room is divided into mechanical recycling sandblasting room and manual recycling sandblasting room. Due to its economical and practical use, simple and convenient production, and simple materials, manual recycling sandblasting room greatly reduces the cost of the sandblasting room, and is also accepted by many customers, especially small and medium-sized enterprises.

For the sandblasting room design, not only the requirements of current users and various shipbuilding codes, but also the new requirements of IMO code for coating should be considered.

The design of coating room should not only show the development level of contemporary international shipbuilding coating, but also achieve high efficiency with low investment based on the principle of practicality, that is, to achieve the maximum economic benefits with the lowest operation cost, the least maintenance probability and the simplest operation mode. The configuration of coating equipment must be advanced, reasonable and effective.

The sandblasting room design for coating must meet and satisfy the following requirements:

① Ensure all-weather and normal coating operation;

② The process equipment can operate at full load for a long time without fault, and the sandblasting and spraying lacquer rooms are designed with "fault-free" design;

③ The central control system should meet the requirements of simple operation and high-degree of automation of the process system and the equipment;

④ The process system should be advanced, practical and safe.

⑤ Improve the comprehensive cost performance of the system by optimizing the design;

⑥ Economical, reasonable and comfortable ventilation, dust removal and paint mist treatment;

⑦ The production capacity of sandblasting and paint spraying basically meets the design requirements;

⑧ The system equipment should not only be advanced and complete, but also reduce the dependence on auxiliary services.