How to Solve the Noise of Movable Sandblasting Room

As a mechanical product, when the movable sandblasting room works, it will inevitably produce some noise that makes us feel very irritated. According to statistics, the noise produced when the whole sandblasting machine works is about 80 decibels, while the noise generated in sandblasting by the general pressure sandblasting machine is about 85 decibels, and the noise of the pressurized sandblasting machine is about 87 decibels.

Noise sources

The noise of a movable sandblasting room generally comes from three aspects:

1. The sound produced by the sandblasting machine motor itself, such as air compressor, deduster, etc;

2. The sound produced by mixed abrasives (compressed air and sand) while processing workpieces;

3. The sound produced by compressed air itself.

How to reduce and eliminate the noise

1. Enhancement of sealing performance. In the long-term use of the sandblasting machine, the sealing performance will inevitably decline, so how to enhance the sealing performance has become a key problem. The choice of material is very important. If you want to enhance the sealing performance, you must choose plates with thicker materials, so that the sealing performance can be greatly improved;

2. Electrical machinery configuration. Electrical machinery is a key part that produces noise. A muffler can be added in the configuration of electrical machinery, which can reduce the noise to a certain extent, so as to achieve the purpose of noise elimination;

3. The height setting of the factory building. The setting of the factory building should be wider, so as to facilitate sound diffusion and eliminate the noise.

Generally speaking, despite all the equipment of the mobile sandblasting machine works normally, there will not be too much noise. If the noise generated is too loud and there are other abnormal noises, it is necessary to consider whether it is the problem of the machine. At this time, the operation of the machine should be stopped immediately, and the troubleshooting of the sandblasting machine should be carried out to prevent accidents. If the operator is inexperienced, ask a professional to avoid unnecessary loss.

In addition, it is also necessary to strengthen the maintenance of the mobile sandblasting machine and timely solve the operation failure in daily use, so that the sandblasting machine can be used efficiently.