Sand blasting room delivery to Australia

At the end of July 2021, QINGGONG Machinery has successfully delivered a sandblasting room to Australia. Let me give a brief introduction to this product.

The customer is a sandblasting service provider in Australia, they need a sandblasting room to expand and support their business. They found QINGGONG Machinery from Google search, which is a professional sandblasting equipment manufacturer with 46 years of experience. QINGGONG Machinery knows that customers purchasing equipment is an investment, the purpose is to create profits, so product quality is the most important.

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After discussing with customers, our professional engineering team designed the most suitable solution for customers. We use a 6-4-3 meters size room as an enclosed sandblasting area, the room body is made of a sandwich panel with glass wool interlayer. The modular design makes the sandblasting room very convenient both in the transportation and installation process. And the seamless stitching of the modules makes the room stronger.

In order to improve work efficiency, we adopt 2 sets of sandblasting pots to make sure the sufficient supply of abrasive. And we adopt a full floor scraper recovery system to create a fully automatic, high volume abrasive reclaim system where 100% of the abrasive blast media is returned to the separator system during the blasting operation. A trolley is added to transport the workpieces into the sandblasting area.

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Due to a large number of parts in the entire blasting room, our production department will check the packing list one by one according to the shipping list to ensure correctness. All parts in the container will be fixed with iron wire. For those parts that are easy to move, we will weld and strengthen them. For fragile products, we will fill them with foam and stretch film to ensure the integrity of the goods when they arrive at the customer’s factory.

QINGGONG Machinery has 46 years in the Surface treatment industry, we have rich experience in product design, production, export, and service, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any needs in the blasting area.

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