Product Features of Road Shot Blasting Machine

Ⅰ. Application of road shot blasting machine

With the development of the times, road maintenance is becoming more and more important, and road shot blasting machines are used more and more. Road shot blasting machines are widely used in pretreatment before ground construction, especially sand blasting for concrete floors, steel bridge decks, and highway bridge waterproofing. The whole treatment process has no dust pollution and can effectively remove ground scum, stains, etc.; it is also used for rough processing of hardened ground and water ground. After treatment, the surface is smooth and clean, which can effectively improve the adhesion of the coating.

Ⅱ. The advantages of road shot blasting machine

1. The road shot blasting machine is economical and practical, and easy to operate;

2. Road shot blasting machine is an environmentally friendly and efficient concrete, asphalt, stone and steel surface treatment machinery;

3. The three aspects of steel shot particle size, flow diameter, and walking speed can be combined to obtain different ground treatment effects;

4. The road shot blaster is connected with the matching dust collection device to automatically collect the garbage generated by the treatment, and complete the surface cleaning work at one time.

Ⅲ. The daily maintenance of the road shot blasting machine

After the road shot blasting machine is installed and debugged, it must be maintained in strict accordance with the necessary maintenance procedures.

The oil filling points of the equipment must be filled with oil, lubricating oil or grease regularly according to the requirements of their parts.

Seals (vulnerable parts) must be checked daily, and if damaged, they should be replaced immediately.

The guard plates, blades, impellers and guide sleeves of the road shot blasting machine are inspected twice per shift, and should be replaced immediately if damaged.

The electrical system should be checked again. All transmission components are inspected twice a week.

The operator should check the cleaning effect at any time. If there is any abnormality, stop the machine immediately and conduct an overall inspection of the equipment.