Steel plate shot blasting machine introduction

The steel plate shot blasting machine is a kind of sand blasting and rust removal equipment produced by QINGGONG QINGGONG Machinery Co., Ltd., which can effectively clean up the concrete, rust layer, oxide scale and other dirt and impurities on the surface of the steel plate at one time, and refurbish the steel plate surface to the original metallic light color. The surface of the steel plate after cleaning shows a certain degree of roughness, which is conducive to the subsequent spray painting process. The following we will give you a detailed introduction to this equipment.

The use characteristics of steel plate shot blasting machine.

1. Adopt two methods: through type and hanging chain type. The through type adopts roller conveyor to transport steel plate into the sand blast room, and the hanging chain type purchases catenary guide rail walking. Generally, the latter uses more wiring.

2. According to the workload and the requirements of the cleaning effect, generally 4 blast turbines or 8 blast turbines are generally configured. The user's workload is large, and more blast turbine can be configured.

3. The rust removal level reaches Sa2.5 or above.

4. Save labor. The only place where labor is needed is to operate the electric control cabinet and load and unload materials.

5. The cleaning effect is good, and it is environmentally friendly and pollution-free.

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The working process of the steel plate shot blasting machine.

1. The machine adopts roller conveyor type for loading and unloading, enters the shot blasting chamber through manual loading, and transports to the discharge port after cleaning.

2. Adopt three-dimensional simulation design of multiple shot blasting devices, and the steel shot blasting equipment is cleaned in all directions without dead angles.

3. After cleaning, the steel shot enters the bottom screw system, and then is conveyed from the bottom screw to the elevator, the elevator is lifted to the separator to separate the dust and the steel shot, the dust enters the dust removal system for centralized treatment, and the impurities enter the filter screen. Good steel shot flows into the shot blaster to continue recycling.

4. The equipment has a charge port and a discharge port. The size of the port is based on the size of the user's workpieces. As long as the steel plate can be entered from the feed port, the size of the port is designed to fit, not the bigger the better. The larger the size, the larger the equipment, the larger the number of blast turbines and the circulation of the entire equipment, so the larger the mouth, the higher the cost of the equipment.

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