The Role of Steel Shot Blasting Equipment in Current Industrial Production

Shot blasting equipment was first used in the foundry industry to remove sand and scale from the surfaces of cast steel and cast iron parts. Almost all cast steel, gray iron, austempered ductile iron, and nodular cast iron parts need to be shot blasted. Shot blasting machines differ from sand blasting machines in that they are used to reduce the fatigue life of the parts by increasing the surface stress, increasing the strength of the components, or preventing micro-movement.

Use of steel shot blasting equipment in industrial production

Steel shot blasting equipment uses a high-speed rotating impeller to project shot onto the workpiece, which continuously flips in the drum to clean the workpiece. It is suitable for cleaning, rust removal, and surface strengthening of castings and forgings weighing less than 15 kg in all industries.

Shot blasting machines play a very important role in current industrial production: shot blasting machines use steel shot sent to a high-speed rotating plate and use centrifugal force to strike the high-speed ejected steel shot on the surface. Part. When polishing, shot blasting machines can generate compressive stress on the surface of the parts, without silica powder, and have less environmental pollution.

The main uses of steel shot blasting equipment: Sandblasting can produce compressive stress on the surface of the part, which can improve its fatigue strength and resistance to tensile stress corrosion performance. Shot blasting machines can correct twisted thin-walled parts; the shot blasting process replaces general cold-hot forming processes. The processing of large thin-walled aluminum parts can not only avoid residual tensile stress on the surface of the parts, but also obtain good compressive stress.

What should be paid attention to when using steel shot blasting equipment?

The temperature of the part processed by the steel shot blasting equipment should not be too high, otherwise, the compressive stress will automatically disappear at high temperatures, losing the expected effect. According to the prevention rules of blasting accidents, the operators of steel shot blasting equipment must understand and master the operation method and problems of sandblasting.

Use the specified protective products to operate the steel shot blasting machine. Before the machine processes the surface, please ensure that there are no harmful or carcinogenic substances after processing. In the construction of public places, it is necessary to ensure that all unrelated personnel are cleaning within 5 meters of the machine. The auxiliary personnel must wear goggles.

Before starting, you must confirm that no one will be injured when the steel shot blasting machine starts. When the machine is running, do not cut or remove the matching vacuum cleaner. All personnel close to the machine must wear protective goggles, work shoes, earplugs, etc. The operator must wear work clothes that comply with labor regulations.