The Catalogue (Variety) of the Shot Blasting Machine

The shot blasting machine is divided into inclined drum type, hook type shot blasting machine, rotary table type shot blasting machine, roller through type shot blasting machine, stone shot blasting machine and shot blasting strengthening machine according to the structure of the casting carrier.

Tilting drum type and chain plate type shot blasting machine are suitable for cleaning small and medium-sized castings without fear of collision. The drum-type shot blasting machine relies on the spiral guide ribs in the barrel to make the casting turn over and run forward. The chain plate type shot blasting machine makes the casting turn and run through the movement of the chain plate. Rotary shot blasting machine, trolley shot blasting machine and hanging shot blasting machines are used to clean large and medium-sized castings. Usually, a fixed shot blasting chamber is provided. The cleaned castings are rotated or moved in the shot blasting chamber. The shot blasting chamber is generally equipped with several blast turbines, which are installed at different positions and throw the projectiles from different directions to improve the cleaning efficiency and quality of the blast wheel. The hanging shot blasting machine can be equipped with several hooks on the catenary according to the needs of the castings to be cleaned. During the cleaning, the castings are hung on the hooks, and they can flip themselves while running forward. Castings are loaded and unloaded outside the blasting room and cleaned indoors. It can be divided into intermittent and continuous shot blasting machines according to the working system.

All shot blasting machine are non-standard equipment, that need to according to customer's object items to design and produce.

So please let us know more detailed information about the object items, such as:

  1. What kind of object items that need to blast.

  2. The size of the object items(Length*Width*Height).

  3. The production capacity that your needs.

QINGGONG MACHINERY has mature engineer team, will give all customer most professional solutions in the shorten time!

shot blasting machine catalogue 1

shot blasting machine catalogue 2

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