Performance indicator of shot blasting machine elevator belt

The shot blasting machine recycle system mainly include bucket elevator, separator, screw conveyor, abrasive silo etc. The bucket elevator is the most important part of the recycle system. The belt and hoppers of the elevator need to loading a certain weight to lift the abrasive to the separator. Today we will talk about the performance indicator of the elevator belt.

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The elevator belt of the shot blasting machine is used as the driving belt to bearing the loading. Its function requirements are very different from the traditional belt in the selection of fabric core layer and formulation of rubber. In addition to adequate meridional and zonal tensile strength, the elevator belt need have the following advantages:

1.    PVC core elevator belt has light weight and low driving power, which can reduce energy consumption during use;

2.    Low elongation at fixed load;

3.    Comply with FDA health and safety certification;

4.    Excellent resistance to water, oil, acid and alkaline, corrosion resistance, mildew proofing, wider applicability;

5.    Excellent wear resistance, extended service life, excellent cost performance;

6.    Flame retardant, antistatic, high safety during use;

7.    Smooth surface, uniform color, increased surface friction, high transmission efficiency;

8.    The overall core structure is firm, with excellent screw fixation ability, more suitable for the dustpan installation.

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