One Minute to Know the Sandblasting Room

Ⅰ. Introduction of sandblasting room

There are many names for sandblasting room, such as sandblasting booth or shot-blasting room or sanding room. The main function of the sandblasting room is to help clean up the surface stains and rust layers of some factory parts. It may sound like that the function of the sandblasting room is to grind the workpiece. Although it is indeed similar to grinding, the work of the sandblasting room is actually different from that of grinding.

The surface cleaning and rust removal of some large parts are usually carried out in the sandblasting room. Such an operation can greatly enhance the adhesion between the workpiece and the coating, and can also improve the quality of the workpiece itself.

In the sandblasting room, the abrasive used in the sandblasting process can be recovered, and different operation switches are installed on the handle of the nozzle, which can realize automatic control and control the the nozzle blasting or jetting. This can be used to remove the floating dust on the working surface by air jet after cleaning. Sandblasting is carried out in the sandblasting room with strong and stable spraying force. Workers wearing sandblasting protective clothing can ensure long-time and high-pressure operation, and also ensure uniform and high-quality cleaning. The sealing performance is good, and there is no leakage during operation.

Ⅱ. Whether the shot blasting machine should be equipped with explosion-proof measures?

1. Open the door of the sandblasting room, close the power switch, the light is on, and the fan is running;

2. The workpiece is transported to the sandblasting room by a trolley or other divices, and the trolley is usually parked in the middle of the room. Then close the door of the sandblasting room; 

3. Workers wear protective clothing and hats;

4. Sandblasting the workpiece with a hand-held nozzle;

5. After processing, the sand valve can be closed, and the workpiece can be blown clean by air jet;

6. Open the door of the sandblasting room and push the workpiece out of the sandblasting room.