Retractable Spray Booth

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QINGGONG MACHINERY offers a complete line of portable retractable spray booths for applications that require short finishing runs.

Retractable spray booth is mobile and have the ability to retract, back against the wall when not in use.  



Retractable spray booth body is formed by multiple sets of movable frames, the frame is connected by connecting rods of parallel four-sided shape. The telescopic chamber is telescopically moved by the motor. The frame is sealed by a fire-retardant (PVC), to form an independent working space to avoid workshop environmental pollution during painting work.

Retractable spray booth 1

Retractable spray booth 2

Working progress:

Object item pretreatment →spray booth contraction → Part Preparation→ spray booth expand → painting object item→ spray booth contraction → move object item

Retractable spray booth 3

The feature of retractable spray booth

① The movable spray booth can be automatically or manually extended to any position to save the working area of the workshop.

② The size of the spray booth can be adjusted according to the size of the object items.

③ The telescopic chamber is driven by a two-way reducer and a chain drive sprocket, the travelling mechanism adopts a safety limit to ensure the safety and reliability.

Retractable spray booth 4

Retractable spray booth 5



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