The significance of shot blasting machine to industrial development

The operation of the shot blasting machine is to use the shot blasting machine to blast steel shot and steel grit onto the surface of the workpiece to be processed at high speed. Although the working principle is simple, the application fields are very wide, such as the machinery industry, auto parts, casting industry, And it can also be applied in some special industries. Some car surfaces need sandblasting. Now there is a mobile sandblasting tank. Some pavements need to be used to improve the roughness and friction coefficient of the asphalt pavement, thereby improving the attachment of the pavement. Focus on ensuring the safety of driving. At the same time, the attachments (such as fuel, engine oil, etc.) on the asphalt pavement have nowhere to escape, which can improve the anti-skid performance of the pavement.

This makes the shot blasting machine very important for the further strengthening of the workpiece. The industrial equipment of shot blasting machine is first used in the removal of sand and oxide scale on the surface of cast steel and iron castings in the foundry industry. With the development of industry, the requirements for some workpieces in some industries have become very high. Parts and components in industries such as industries and automobiles require lighter workpieces.

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It would be easier to simply require lighter parts and components, and it can be done with some machines. However, it requires lighter parts and higher reliability requirements for workpieces, which makes some There is no use for modern industrial machines. So at this time, the shot blasting machine, a workpiece processing machine with low technological content, has a powerful use. This kind of machine must be used to improve the strength and fatigue strength of some industrial parts.

According to the theoretical strength of modern metals, increasing the dislocation density inside metals is the main development direction for improving the strength of metals. Because once the internal dislocation density of some metal workpieces increases, the overall strength of the entire workpiece will be qualitatively improved, and the shot blasting machine has proven to be an effective process to increase the internal dislocation structure of the metal.

Nowadays, shot blasting technology is a commonly used surface treatment process for workpieces. At first, it was listed as one of the eight major processes of the casting process because it was mainly used for the surface treatment of castings. In recent years, the shot blasting process is no longer limited to the treatment of castings and extends to many new areas, such as the surface treatment of metal structural parts such as various sheet metal parts, H-shaped steel, etc. Surface treatment of ship hull, etc.

In the 21st century, shot blasting equipment is widely used in machinery manufacturing, engineering machinery, mining machinery, pressure vessels, automobiles, ships, and other industries. Even some non-metals have begun to use shot blasting to treat the surface of products, so I won't go into details here. In short, the shot blasting process is used to improve the appearance quality and surface process state of its product parts.

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For example, the crawler shot blasting machine plays a very important role in the rust removal and surface strengthening of small and medium castings, forgings, stamping parts, non-ferrous metal castings, gears, and other workpieces. The rubber crawler shot blasting machine is equipped with dust removal that meets environmental emission standards. The machine has low noise, small floor space, stable function, safe and reliable. It is ideal cleaning equipment. Add a specified number of workpieces to the chamber of the machine, start the machine, and the shot blasting machine shoots steel shots at a very fast speed to form a Harness the wire harness, evenly fall to the surface of the workpiece. In order to eliminate the cleaning effect and the purpose of reinforcement, the projectiles projected by the crawler shot blasting machine will fall into the screw conveyor, and then be transported to the separator to separate the dust waste from the projectile, and the steel grit that can be used continuously is separated through the separation After the blasting machine, it returns to the silo for the next shot blasting.

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