Maintenance for shot blasting machine

Daily Maintenance

1. Check if all the blast wheel on the shot blasting machine and the motor of the shot blasting machine are loose or not.

2. Wear resistance of wear-resistant parts in shot blasting equipment and wear-out of indoor protective plate of shot blasting machine, then replace worn parts in time.

3. Check the blades, which must be replaced when worn in half.

4. Check if the directional sleeve pointer position is correct.

5. Check if the door of the shot blasting machine is closed.

6. Dust removal pipe air leakage phenomenon, dust filter bag dust or damage.

7. The spiral shell and filter screen of the separator are free of accumulations and other debris and removed in a timely manner.

8. Check if the flow screen of the separator is uniform and form a full curtain.

9. Check if the gate valve is closed.

10. Check that the limit switches and proximity switches are in normal condition.

11. Check that the signals on the console are working properly.

12. Check that the current of the shot-blasting motor is in the rated range.

13. Clean the dust from the electrical control shell.

14. Check the wear of the inlet pipe gasket, the rubber guard of the working door and the top seal to avoid the loss of projectiles.

15. Remove debris from the bottom plate grid and ensure pellet can be recycled.

16. Check whether the total quantity of pellets in the silo is sufficient. If no, it should be added.

shot blasting machine 1.jpg

Weekly Maintenance

1. Check the pellet wheel, they should be replaced if wear above 3mm.

2. Check the directional sleeve, the opening increased more than 6mm should be replaced.

3. Check if the shot-blasting panel is badly worn or misplaced.

4. Check the tension of the triangle belt of the shot blasting device, it should be able to press 10mm to the inside, otherwise it should be adjusted.

5. Check the wear of the partition and slider,they should be replaced in time if necessary.

6. Check for qualified pellets in fine and bulk tubes for recycling.

7. Check for belt tensioning, bolts, joints, deviation and wear of the hoist.

8. Check for foreign objects and abrasion in the spiralizer.

9. Check the bottom grid and fix it in time if there are loopholes.

10. Check casing joints to avoid leakage of air, dust, etc.

11. Check the dust on the filter drum of the dust collector and use the pulse backblow mechanism in time.

12. Lubricate the housings of the four shot blaster parts once.

13. Waterproof air compressors, gas storage tanks and oil-water separators.

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Monthly Maintenance

1. Check and adjust the gate valve of the industrial shot blasting equipment so that its opening and closing degree can meet the current value of shot blasting motor from 25A to 30A.

2. Adjust the tightness of the drive chain and lubricate it.

3. Check the belt of the bucket hoist for tightness and adjustment; check the hopper bolts and fasten them.

4. Check the lubricating oil of the reducer. If it is below the specified oil surface, you should add the corresponding grease.

5. Check the contact status of each AC contactor and knife switch for soot blowing cleaning.

6. Check that the power and control parts of the wire and cable are loose and should be fastened.

7. To test every motor, listen to if the sound is normal, check no-load current size, each motor is not less than five minutes.

8. Check the air duct and the fixing condition of wear and tear of the fan.

9. Add 2# calcium grease to the bearing seat of the two ends of the hoist, separator and screw conveyor once a month.

10. Change oil to the air compressor once a month.

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Quarterly maintenance

1. Check if the bearings, electrical control box are in good condition, then add grease.

2. Check the wear condition of the wear-resistant guard plate of the shot blasting device.

3. Replacement of new high-speed grease for shot-blasting spindle bearings and shot-blasting motor bearings.

4. Check the tightness of fixed bolts and flange connections for all motors, reducers, fans and screw conveyors.

Annual maintenance

1. Repair all bearings (including motor bearings) for lubrication and replenish new grease.

2. Replace or weld the main chamber guard.

3. Check the contact reliability of PLC and inverter.

4. Check the ammeter for accuracy.

5. Check the filter cartridge of the dust collector, if the damage needs to be replaced, if the dust is too much, use air gun to clean up.

6. Carry out necessary dredging and repairing of the air duct.