Shot Blasting Machine

Shot blasting machine is an effective method to remove the surface contaminant, clean and roughen a smooth surface before applying a primer or coating. Shot blasting equipment is used in almost every industry that uses metal, including aerospace, automotive, construction, foundry, shipbuilding, rail, and many others. Shot blasting machine is a non-standard machine, all the detailed parameters are tailored according to customer object items detailed conditions and customer requirements. Whether wheel blasting or air blasting, our products can meet your demands. As an expert automatic shot blasting machine manufacturer from China with 45 years' experience, QingGong Machinery has sold more than 4000 sets of shot blasting equipment all over the world. Contact our engineer for competitive shot blasting machine price.

Types of Shot Blasting Machine for Sale

Shot blasting machine is an effective method to remove the surface contaminant, clean and roughen a smooth surface before applying a primer or coating.

History of Shot Blasting Machine

Industry: Cleaning, Mechanical, Metal, Metallurgy, Metal casting. 

Application: Automotive industry, Construction industry, Windpower industry, Railway industry, Foundry- forging industry, Shipyard, Mould industry, Pipeline cleaning industry, Electric industry, Stone industry.

Inventor: Benjamin Chew Tilghman

Invented: October 18th, 1870

Benjamin Tilghman was a general in the army and saw the effect of wind-blown sand on windows in the desert. The might be the basis of his shot blasting machine invention.

On October 18.1870, Tilghman filed a patent, titled “Improvement in cutting and engraving stone, metal, glass, etc”, in the US(US paten 108,408), detailing many unique applications of the technology, such as sharpening files, carving bottles, cleaning boilers or turning. The wood grain comes out. Later that year, a patent was issued in the UK.

Shot blasting is a technique in which a selected class of abrasive particles is used to do surface preparation, that is, remove material from a surface at a high speed (65-110m/s) corrosion rate. It is the operation of forcing the abrasive stream to the surface under high pressure to smooth the rough surface, roughen the smooth surface, and shape or remove surface contaminants. A pressurized fluid (usually compressed air), or a centrifugal wheel is used to propel the blast material (commonly referred to as the medium).

How Shot Blasting Machine Works?

During the working process of the shot blasting machine, the electrically controlled transport system conveys the object items into the shot blasting chamber, and its surfaces are hit and rubbed by powerful and dense steel shots from different coordinate directions. The oxide scale, rust layer, and dirt on the surface quickly fall off.

Used blasting media and contaminants (pill dust mixture) falling into the screw conveyor, then reclaim them into the bucket elevator and then into the air wash cleaner system, the cleaned abrasive get into the storage hopper to recycle, the residual will get out of the recycling system from the air wash cleaner system. The dust is collected to the dust collector system by the exhaust pipe, the purified air is discharged into the atmosphere, and the particulate dust is captured and collected in the dust collector, and then discharged into the atmosphere is clean and pollution-free air.

Shot Blasting Machine Parts

  • Blasting Chamber

    • Blasting cabinet body welded by steel plates and profile steel, have enough strength and rigidity. 

    • Blasting chamber is 360° protected by high resistance manganese steel alloy liners, which is enough to deal with the shot blasting from 35HRC to more than 60HRC. 

    • High impact toughness can make full use of the reflection kinetic energy of the shot to continue to blast cleaning the surface of the workpiece, so greatly enhance the cleaning efficiency and quality.

    • To avoid shot leakage, 3-6 layers of rubber sheets are fitted in the inlet and outlet, meanwhile, a high cleanness result is assured.

    Blasting Chamber
  • Blast Wheel

    • Blast wheel including blast whee housing, motor, blade, control cage, distributor, and guard plate.

    • Guard plates in the blast wheel are designed according to abrasive shot and blades rotating track simulation. After accelerating along the round track, abrasive can reach the highest speed and cause the least self-wear.

    • The direct-driven motor has a low noise level, fewer spare parts, higher energy efficiency, large abrasive flow rate, and good cleaning effect, etc.

    • Max thickness of guard plates is up to 70 mm, the service time is greatly increased. Material for core components is high chromium wear resistance alloy, max hardness is up to HRC55-60.

    Blast Wheel
  • Automatic Abrasive Reclaim System

    Automatic abrasive reclaim system including screw conveyor, bucket elevator, separator, abrasive cleaning up system.

    Screw Conveyor

    • Cylindrical machining process after the whole weldment to ensure high coaxiality of the whole screw, for longer surface time. 

    • 3-layer labyrinth design sealing to protect bearings from the damage of abrasive shot.

    Bucket Elevator

    • Cage-shape belt driving wheel offers higher friction to the belt to avoid slip, decreasing the elevating belt pre tightening force

    • Maintenance door at bottom of the housing to maintain the bottom drive device.

    • Wear-resistant elevator buckets bolted onto elevator belt, tension device prevents the belt to skid.

    • SQP sensor can alarm and automatically power off when faults happened in bucket elevator.


    • A full-screen curtain air selection separator makes the abrasive more evenly dispersed, and takes the dust and other residues that may be contaminating the abrasive material to the exhaust system.

    • Optionally, the abrasive materials purifier can be supplied with a revolving screen.

    • A checking window allows workers to maintain the machine expediently.

    Abrasive Cleaning Up System

    An abrasive cleaning up system is used for the roller conveyor shot blasting machine and preservation line.

    • The abrasive cleaning up system is equipped with a wear-resistant nylon roller brush, screw conveyor, high-pressure blower, and lifting mechanism.

    • After shot blasting, the lifting mechanism lowers the roller brush to the most suitable position (make the roller brush contact with the workpiece), rolling and rotating, sweeping the left abrasive on the workpiece surface into the screw conveyor. Meanwhile, the high-pressure blower continues to clean scattered pellets and dust on the surface, make the surface clear.

    • Nylon roll brush with high elasticity and phi 3.5mm imported composite nylon material, moderate hardness, great elasticity, and good wear resistance.

    Automatic Abrasive Reclaim System
  • Dust Collector

    • 3-level dust collector: settling chamber, cyclone dust collector, and cartridge filters. Cleaning efficiency is up to 99.5%.

    • The filters use cartridge type filters, a vertical fixed unique structure is greatly convenient for maintenance and collecting dust.

    • The filter adopts the Venturi principle venturi tube pulse blowback dust collecting system for clearing the dust on the filter.

How to Choose the Abrasive of Shot Blasting Machine?

Metal abrasives include steel shot, steel grit, iron shot, iron sand, stainless steel shot, stainless steel sand, steel wire cut shot, and stainless steel wire cut shot, etc.

Each type of shot blasting machine equipment requires different types of abrasives. If the final type of abrasive needs to be determined, it also depends on what kind of workpiece the shot blasting machine is blasting and the desired shot blasting effect. The size of the workpiece is different, and the abrasive used is also different, so the specific type of abrasive used depends on the situation.

  • The larger the abrasive diameter, the higher the surface roughness of the workpiece, but the shot blasting efficiency is also high; the abrasive diameter should be selected according to the surface roughness of the part. The shot blasting efficiency of other irregularly shaped steel shots or cut wire shots is higher than that of spherical shots, but the surface roughness is also higher.

  • Choose the abrasive with a moderate hardness to achieve a good application effect. Suitable abrasive hardness and excellent resilience, so that the abrasive can be projected to every part of the shot blasting machine chamber, and then reduce the blasting time.


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