How much do you know about our separator?

For shot blasting machine equipment, blast wheels are the core part of the machine, however separator system also is a very important component part. Currently, our dust-abrasive separator adopt international advanced multi-level air wash curtain-type purifier separator, which can high efficiently separate qualified abrasive, broken abrasive, oxide skin, and dust, do classification and collection and treatment. Separating efficiency can reach 99%. Also, our separator has abrasive storage silo.

Our separator is developed by combining advanced Switzerland and USA technology, it is our most upgraded type of separator.

Separator as one of the most important component part of the whole shot blasting machine, the dimension design of the air wash separating area would affect the separation effect directly. If separation effect not good, it would accelerate the wearing of blades of blast wheel, also would decrease its service life time, increase cost of maintenance.

The separator mainly includes separating area, screw conveyor, abrasive silo, abrasive control valve etc.

separator of shot blasting machine

Working principle of separator as below:

The mixtures of dust and abrasive flow into separator from bucket elevator, been conveyed by screw conveyor and roughly distributed along the separator, when abrasive conveyed to end overflow area, there would form a curtain-type abrasive flow, under the action of principle of gravity selection, effectively separate the qualified abrasive from metal oxide skin fragments, broken abrasive and dust, large dust particles flow out from the overflow exit, small fine abrasive and dust flow out from dust exit, and finally qualified abrasive travel to silo for recycling.  

Our separator system is our advantage in shot blasting machine field, meanwhile, we also have our own advantages in bucket elevator, screw conveyor, dust collector systems, all of them make the machine run more efficiently, compared with most machines from other competitors, our machine has a better performance.  

shot blasting machine separator