Mesh wire shot blasting machine for concrete paver

At the end of March, Qinggong Machinery has shipped a set of mesh wire shot blasting machine to UAE. This machine opening size is 1000mm*300mm, with 3 units blasting wheels.

Why was the shot blasting machine only equipped with 3 units blasting wheels?

That because the customer use this mesh wire shot blasting machine instead of the paver stone shot blasting machine to clean the concrete pavers. As we all know, paver stone shot blasting machine have two types, the one is rubber belt and the other one is roller conveyor. The mesh wire type can make up for the shortcomings of the two to handle the workpiece more perfectly.

Mesh wire shot blasting machine for concrete paver2.jpg

Qinggong Machinery has rich experience of designing and producing all kinds of air blast and wheel blast machines. Let us introduce Paver stone shot blasting machine to you.

Mesh wire shot blasting machine is mainly composed of blasting chamber, wire mesh belt conveyor system, wheel blast turbines, abrasive recovery system (including bucket elevator, separator, longitudinal and crosswise screw conveyor, abrasive dosing unit) dust collector, electrical control system and other components.

Mesh wire shot blasting machine for concrete paver3.jpg

This machine is a high-function continuous job cleaning with continuous feeding processing large batches. During the cleaning process, when the electric controlled variable frequency motor drives the wire mesh belt to send the workpiece into the blasting area, all the surfaces of its body are hit and rubbed by the powerful and dense abrasive from different coordinate directions, so that the concrete, the oxide scale and its dirt fall off quickly, and the concrete surface obtains a smooth surface with a certain roughness. The machine equipped with a set of high-pressure blowing fan, which can purge the residual steel shot on the surface of the workpiece. Then through recycle screw conveyor to the abrasive cycle system, Loading and unloading workpieces on both sides of the inlet and outlet chamber.

Qinggong Machinery not only supply you a set of shot blasting machine but also is your powerful assistant to help you save money. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you are interested in the shot blasting machine.