Automatic loading and unloading crawler shot blasting machine

The automatic crawler shot blasting machine is unloaded from the loading until the cleaned workpiece is removed from the machine and the whole work process can be completed automatically.

The rubber crawler shot blasting machine workpiece to be cleaned is placed in the hopper and the hoisting machine steadily pull up the hopper. At the highest point the hopper is tilted and the workpiece in the bucket into the rubber belt. And then the hopper automatically falls the cleaning chamber door is automatically lower and closed and the blast wheel start to projected the steel shot to the workpiece to peel off the sand, scale or rust. At the same time the crawler belt drive the workpiece to continually roll so that all the workpiece can be cleaned by the high speed projectile steel shot.

Automatic loading and unloading crawler shot blasting machine 1

The splashed steel shot fall into the screw conveyor through the holes ,which are densely covered on the crawler belt. And the screw horizontally conveyor the steel shot to the bottom of the bucket elevator and then vertically lifted to the separator. The purified steel shot flow into the storage and then recycle to use.

The shot blasting time is controlled by the time relay. After shot blasting is finished the grit blasting chamber door is automatically opened, the crawler belt is rotated in the reverse direction and the clean workpiece is discharged. The workpiece fall down and the bottom unloading belt conveyor the workpiece into the collect box.

 Automatic loading and unloading crawler shot blasting machine 2

We should pay attention to below when we use the crawler shot blasting machine:

1.    The debris under the screen in the bottom of the blasting chamber and in the separator funnel should be cleaned frequently.

2.    Clean the steel shot around the shot blaster machine to prevent workers from slipping frequently.

3.    Check the crawler belt and elevator belt for deviation so as not to damage the belt frequently.

4.    Clean the dust box frequently to prevent the dust removal pipe from being blocked and affect the dust removal effect.

5.    Forbidden to open the access door when the machine is not completely stopped.