Precautions for Using the Crawler Shot Blasting Machine

Crawler shot blasting machine is also one of the classifications of shot blasting machines, and in the foundry industry, it is also the most frequently used shot blasting machine. The most important one is that the crawler shot blasting machine can be used alone or simultaneously.The crawler shot blasting machine can be directly added to the production line to produce castings when used in conjunction with the production line. While the castings are being produced, the surface of the castings can be directly cleaned and treated. Because the separator used in the crawler shot blasting machine has excellent working performance, a higher separation effect, and a high production capacity, the crawler shot blasting machine's working capacity is extremely high.

Ⅰ. What casting production is suitable for crawler shot blasting machine?

The working principle of the crawler shot blasting machine is that after the casting enters the rubber crawler, the cleaning of the shot blasting begins. During the continuous forward movement of the crawler, the shot blasting machine can project the abrasive material to the surface of the workpiece at high speed so that the workpiece. A high-speed projectile can uniformly clean each surface of the track as the track advances.

Crawler shot blasting equipment is mainly suitable for cleaning the surface of small aluminium parts, copper castings, galvanized parts, etc. The steel's surface structure is through shot blasting to remove rust, dirt, oxide scale, etc. The shot blasting removes the workpiece at the same time. The internal welding stress of the workpiece strengthens the workpiece, improves the fatigue resistance of the workpiece, increases the paint adhesion on the surface of the workpiece, and finally achieves the purpose of enhancing the surface and internal quality of the workpiece. For the treatment of this kind of castings, it can be directly connected to the production line. After the castings are produced, they are directly entered into the crawler-type shot blasting machine for heat treatment to remove the rust and other impurities on the surface of the castings. In contrast, after processing, the crawler-type shot blasting machine can be directly transported to the separator to separate the castings.

The main advantages of belt transmission: 1. Buffering and vibration absorption, smooth transmission and low noise; 2. Belt transmission is driven by friction, and slippage occurs between the contact surface of the belt and the pulley when overloaded, which can prevent damage to other parts; 3. Suitable for two Occasions where the shaft center moment is relatively large; 4. Simple structure, convenient manufacturing, installation and maintenance, and low cost.

Generally speaking, the crawler shot blasting machine is applied to the manufacturers of some precision castings, used in the surface cleaning of some die castings, precision castings and some precision forgings, and plays a very important role in these industries. Contact us for wholesale crawler shot blasting.

Ⅱ. The operation precautions of the crawler shot blasting machine

1. Before operating the crawler shot blasting machine. You must first read the manual carefully and have a general understanding of the machine's performance. After all, each machine has its characteristics. If you are not familiar enough, it is best not to use it lightly.There is also the maintenance and lubrication of the machine. The machine must be maintained and lubricated at regular intervals. A good maintenance habit can prolong the service life of the equipment and reduce the cost of mechanical maintenance.

2. The crawler shot blasting machine has a set of starting sequences when in use. The first is to turn on the button of the hoist, and then start the shot blasting machine after the hoist starts to work, then the shot blasting machine is provided, and the last step is the cleaning and recycling of garbage.

3. You will inevitably encounter some emergencies during work. To ensure that the machine is not damaged and reduce losses, it is necessary to stop the machine in time. At this time, press the emergency stop button and the machine will stop working.