Technical Analysis of Metal Surface Shot Blasting

Third, the comparison between shot blasting and current high-pressure water cleaning methods.

The introduction to the metal surface shot blasting machine into the cleaning of railway vehicle bogies also requires the improvement of many supporting technologies.

(1) Selection of movement way

The vehicle maintenance base can choose tunnel type (reciprocating type) or rotary type according to its specific situation. Among these types, the rotary method has many advantages. For example, it has small footprint and the shot blasting direction and the rotation direction of the support turntable of the bogie constitute the best combination, so that the surface of the object to be cleaned coincides with the shot blasting surface.

(2) Selection of bearing platform load and speed

Tunnel (reciprocating) or rotary platform should design the load according to the weight of the bogie, and choose the passing (reciprocating) or rotating speed of the platform to ensure the cleaning quality and efficiency.

(3) Selection of the shot blasting machine

The shot blasting machine is the core component of the cleaning machine, and its power, rotation speed and wear resistance are very important indicators. It is not that the greater the power, the better. It depends on factors such as the size of the workpiece being cleaned and the distance from the shot blasting machine.

(4) Selection and recycling of steel shots

The steel shot is the medium of the cleaning machine, and its hardness, particle size and wear resistance are important parameters. Different steel shots are selected according to different cleaning objects. It is more suitable to choose 1.5mm steel shot for bogie shot blasting machine. At the same time, we must pay attention to the recycling of steel shots to save costs.

(5) Matching selection of dust collector

According to the size of the cleaning room volume of the bogie shot blasting machine, choose the power and dust removal method of the dust collector to prevent secondary pollution.

The application of the metal surface shot blasting cleaning technology to the cleaning of railway vehicle bogies is feasible. It can achieve the cleaning of rust, dirt and paint on the surface of the bogie, which creates good conditions for the decomposition and inspection of the bogie. At the same time, compared with the existing method of washing the bogie with high-pressure water, it shows strong advantages. Based on our exploration and application experience, we make the following suggestions:

(1) The shot blasting technology is economical and practical, and it is also efficient and adopts pipeline operation methods. The effect is good and should be promoted.

(2) The particle size of the steel shot should be selected moderately, or it will be counterproductive.

(3) Strengthen the correct use and maintenance of dust removal equipment for shot blasting machines, and integrate traditional technology with cleaner production technology to serve production.