What kind of workpiece is suitable for the turntable shot blasting machine?

Rotary table shot blasting machine is a kind of product in shot blasting machine industry, which is divided into single rotary table shot blasting machine and double rotary table shot blasting machine.

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It is suitable for

Castings and forgings with heavy-weight

Workpieces are afraid of collision

Heat treated workpiece


This rotary table wheel blast machine has below function:  

Paint stripping

Corrosion, rust and heat scale removal



Cleaning Surface texturing

blast effect of shot blasting machine

How it works?

Put the workpiece on the turntable, then the door of this industrial shot blasting equipment is closed and the table will rotation. The abrasive from blast turbines hitted on the surface of workpiece, the rotating workpiece effectively ensures that the steelshot covers all surfaces.

Introduction video

We have finished one unit double table blasting machine for America customer, the loading capacity is 1 ton for one table. The advantage of double turntable shot blasting machine is that can do loading and unloading work when one table in workpiece, that will increase the production capacity.

what is rotary table shot blasting machine

Working video

working video of turn table shot blasting machine

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