Steel pipe inner wall shot blasting machine brief introduction

Pipe inner wall shot blasting machine is a special equipment for cleaning the inner wall of pipe designed to meet the specific technological requirements of users. Through shot blasting cleaning, it can remove the dirt, oxide scale, welding slag, waste paint on the surface of the complex workpiece, so that the surface of the workpiece is smooth and clean. At the same time, this pipe blasting equipment can improve the surface fracture resistance, reduce the internal stress of the workpiece, so that the surface of the workpiece is strengthened, so as to achieve the purpose of improving the surface and internal quality of the workpiece.

The working principle of the steel pipe inner wall shot blasting machine

Use compressed air to spray steel shots on the steel pipe inner wall to cause plastic deformation of the metal surface and form a strengthened layer. Significantly improve the fatigue strength of bending and stress corrosion. The surface effect of shot-blasted steel pipes is better than that of smooth-surfaced metal pipes.

Machine workflow

Workpiece cleaning sequence:

The steel pipe is lifted and lowered by the rocker arm and placed on the rotating roller of the rotating mobile car (in the inner shot blasting station) → the rotating mobile car moves forward to send the steel pipe into the fixed shot blasting chamber, and seal the front end of the steel pipe → mobile shot blasting The chamber advances to seal the back end of the steel pipe → the hydraulic shot blasting trolley drives the inner blasting head to advance into the steel pipe for shot blasting. After the rust removal is completed, all moving parts are reset.

Abrasive cycle sequence:

Abrasive storage → flow control → belt feeding → shot blasting cleaning → air conveying the Abrasive to the fixed shot blasting chamber → belt returning the Abrasive → screw conveyor → bucket elevator → air wash separator → storage bucket (recirculation).

Dust treatment sequence:

1. Dust in shot blasting chamber → air volume control → inertial dust collector → filter dust collector → fan → discharge into the atmosphere.

2. air wash separator dust → air volume control → filter cartridge dust collector → fan → discharge into the atmosphere.

Blasting chamber

The shot blast machine chamber is divided into a mobile shot blasting chamber and a fixed shot blasting chamber.

The sealed chamber is welded with profiled steel frame and steel plate to ensure sufficient rigidity and strength.

In order to ensure the wear-resistant life of the shot blasting chamber, the shot blasting chamber is lined with SP Mn13 rolled high manganese steel liner, and the average life of the liner is> 25000 hours.

The movable sealed chamber is driven by a shaft-mounted reducer, and the speed is frequency-converted to adjust the speed. It can walk back and forth, and can seal the ends of the steel pipe.

Quick-change polyurethane sealing plates are installed at the mouth of the shot blasting chamber to seal both ends of the steel pipe to prevent abrasive splashing.

The fixed shot blasting chamber is equipped with a steel pipe positioning and dust removal system to recover and purify the dust after shot blasting.

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Shot blasting mobile trolley

The hydraulic inner wall shot blasting device, belt feeding device, shot blasting device support roller, and hydraulic pump station are all installed on the mobile trolley, and the traveling speed of the mobile trolley adopts frequency conversion speed regulation.

The shot blasting device is driven by a high-pressure closed-circuit hydraulic shot blasting system and consists of a hydraulic pump station and a hydraulic motor.

The hydraulic pump station is installed on the shot blasting mobile trolley, connected to the hydraulic motor through the high-pressure oil pipe, and the hydraulic motor drives the shot blasting device for shot blasting cleaning. The hydraulic plunger electromagnetic proportional high-pressure pump adopts the product of Germany imported REXROTH company. The motor of the pump station is 110kw, and the working pressure of the system is 21.0Mpa.

Belt feeding device

Because the shot blasting device moves along the length of the steel pipe, the blasting supply adopts the technology of moving belt blasting. The belt pill feeding device is installed on the hydraulic mobile vehicle, and the extension arm processed by special technology is used as the support of the belt pill feeding device to continuously feed shots to the shot blasting device.

Abrasive recycling belt

The abrasive thrown by the inner wall shot blasting device enters the fixed shot blasting chamber through the end of the steel pipe. The abrasive is collected by the funnel and falls on the recovery belt, and is conveyed by the belt to the elevator, separator, and silo for recycling.

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