Shot Blasting Process and the Composition of Shot Blasting Equipment

The world's first shot blasting machine equipment was invented in the United States 100 years ago. At the beginning, it was mainly used to remove impurities and scale on various metal surfaces, increase surface roughness and strengthen metal surfaces. And because of its advantages of high efficiency, environmental protection, and recycling of shots, it has gradually replaced the traditional sandblasting method in many occasions and production processes. After a hundred years of development, the shot blasting equipment and process have been quite mature, and its application has not only been in various heavy industry fields.

With the maturity of the shot blasting process, continuous innovation of technology, and diversification of equipment forms, the application range of the shot blasting process and equipment has also been expanded from the original industrial floor coating to the maintenance and construction of airport, highways, bridges and culverts with the use of proprietary technical characteristics and application effects. And the shot blasting process and equipment has been widely used in European and American countries.

Shot blasting refers to a surface treatment method that the metal shots are projected onto the working surface at a high speed (about 70 meters per second) and a certain angle through a mechanical method, so that the steel shots impact the working surface at high speed to deal with impurities, attachments and other substances on the working surface.

Under the negative pressure generated by the supporting vacuum equipment and the rebound effect of its own impact, steel shots after hitting the surfacethe are returned to the machine's own separation system with impurities , and the impurities and the steel shots that can be recycled are automatically separated and recovered separately. Good steel shots continue to be recycled inside the machine.

The composition and form of shot blasting equipment

Composition of shot blasting equipment

Mobile shot blasting equipment is a piece of mature technical equipment developed on the basis of shot blasting technology. A complete set of shot blasting equipment is usually composed of shot blasting machine and matching vacuum cleaner. These two parts can be separated or integrated according to the form of the equipment.

The role of shot blasting

1) The surface scum and sand layer can be removed cleanly and thoroughly;

2) Capillary pores on the surface of the concrete can be completely opened; the sealing agent or cement can be completely penetrated into the concrete;

3) Concrete defects can be exposed in advance.