The Reasons for the Increasing use of the Shot Blasting Machines for Concrete

The shot blasting machines for concrete are used very frequently in various engineering projects. The shot blasting machine for concrete plays an important role in both the construction and maintenance of the building. So, what is the reason for the high utilization rate of the shot blasting machines for concrete? In fact, this is mainly determined by the advantages of the concrete shot blasting machine. So, what are the advantages of the concrete shot blasting machines?

1. Once the concrete surface layer has problems such as scum and impurities, it can be dealt with quickly and promptly. It can be said that it is a piece of special equipment for soil surface layer defect treatment.

2. The shot blasting machine for concrete has a certain effect on the anti-corrosion of steel bridge decks. Most of the construction of steel bridges in China is inseparable from it, which can not only prevent corrosion but also perform a high degree of cleaning and improve construction efficiency.

3. The shot blasting concrete can increase the roughness and the friction of the asphalt road, the overall adhesion of the pavement will be greatly improved, the anti-skid performance will be improved, and the number of driving safety will be improved.

4. The concrete base layer must have good water resistance, and the shot blasting machine for concrete can not only perform the shaving treatment, making the soil surface layer uniform and rough, and the water resistance and the adhesion strength of the soil layer have been greatly improved. In particular, the cracks hidden in the soil surface layer exposed in advance can be repaired in time to reduce economic losses.

5. The whole construction process is dust-free and pollution-free, which is good for environmental protection and the health of construction workers.

6. The pavement structure will not be damaged during construction basically.

7. Pulse automatic blowback dust removal can realize continuous work.

8. The steel shot is automatically circulated inside the equipment, and the consumption is very low.

9. The structure of the whole machine is reasonable, the disassembly is fast, and the maintenance and replacement of wearing parts are convenient.

10. It is with a vacuum cleaner, it can achieve the effect of dust-free or fine dust when working, and protect the health of the operator.