The heart of the shot blasting machine –Blast Wheel

The blast wheel is the core of the shot blasting machine, the same with people’s heart. The shot blasting machine is used of the centrifugal force of the blast wheel and the steel shot with high speed projected on the surface of the workpiece, to achieve the purpose of cleaning.


The blast wheel is the most important shot blasting machine parts which has a feed inlet、a distributor、a control cage、eight blades 、a Impeller、two side guard plate、two end guard plate and a top guard plate and etc.

Working principle:

The impeller of the blast wheel is riveted with double discs and with eight blade on it. The impeller is installed on the main shaft driven by the motor and with the distributor . The cover has guard plate inside. When working, the steel shot through the feed inlet into the blast wheel. The distributor rotate with the main shaft as the same speed, and then drive the steel shot to rotate. At the effect of the centrifugal force the steel shot through out from the control cage .And then the steel shot through onto the blade with high speed rotate. Finally the steel shot accelerates by the blade ,it is projected on the surface of the workpiece.


1、The position of control cage: If the position of the control cage is not correct, it not only reduces the cleaning efficiency but also increase the resistant of the guard plate.

2、 The size of the control cage exit: It will affect the diffusion angle of the steel shot . The larger the outlet ,the larger diffusion angle and the worse cleaning efficiency.

3、The height of the control cage: If the height of the control cage is too high .Although the cleaning area is larger but the cleaning effect is worse.


1、The guard plate of the blast wheel adopts the wear resistant material, the life of the wear resistant increase by 60%-200%

2、The blast wheel work time is 600h-800h, the work efficiency can attached 2980 r/min.

3、The amount of automatic shot blasting can be adjusted according to the workpieces required by customer to ensure the best cleaning effect and reduce the  worn of the machine

4、Adopt the PLC control panel long distance to adjust the rotation direction without  manual intervention

5、The bottom of the shot blaster is equipped with vibration-damping rubber, and the top is made of wear-resistant cast iron and wear-resistant rubber double-layer protection devices.