Instructions for correct operation of hanger shot blasting machine

The use and operation of hanger shot blasting machine have strict procedures, and the sequence shall not be confused and reversed, otherwise mechanical accident or electrical accident may occur easily.

1. Switch on / off procedure:


(1) Start the dust removal fan and reach the rated speed.

(2) Start the hoist and screw conveyor motor.

(3) Put the hook with the workpiece into the cleaning sand blast room.

(4) Make the workpiece rotate automatically.

(5) Close the door of the chamber and lock it. At this time, the travel switch interlocked with the shot blaster is in the path, allowing the shot blaster to start.

(6) Start two shot blasters and reach the rated speed.

(7) Start the shot supply gate and start the cleaning operation.

(8) Wait until the specified time, clean up and close the shot supply gate.

(9) Turn off the shot blaster motor and wait for it to stop.

(10) Hook stop.

(11) Hoist and auger stop.

(12) Open the door, lift the hook out of the room, check the cleaning quality. If it is qualified, remove the workpiece; if it is unqualified, return to the room and start the hanger shot machine according to the above procedures for a certain period of time.

(13) Turn off the fan.

(14) If the multi hook workpiece needs to be cleaned continuously, the elevator, screw conveyor motor and fan can be kept on, and other procedures shall be operated repeatedly until all are completed.

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2. Precautions


(1) In the range of φ 600 × 1500mm, the workpiece should be filled as much as possible, which requires the design and manufacture of a variety of suitable slings according to the size and shape of the workpiece. Only in this way, can the efficiency of the projectile ejection belt be fully exerted, and at the same time, the impact and wear of the empty shot on the guard plate of the rich and strong body can be reduced.

(2) When the hook is opened into the indoor center, it must be in place, then close the gate, press another travel switch, start the shot blaster, ensure the safety of operation and maintenance, and make full use of the throwing belt.

(3) Always check whether the projectile flow beam of the ball supply gate is full, and if the storage capacity of the projectile is insufficient, it shall be supplemented in time.

(4) If it is found that the vibration of the shot blasting machine is too large and there is abnormal noise, stop the machine immediately, check whether the blade of the shot blasting machine has unbalanced wear or fracture, and replace two symmetrical blades in pairs.

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