What can we do to reduce blasting media consumption?

Blasting media consumption is a direct cost, as the number of cycles and transmitted energy of a blasting media affects consumption. It is generally estimated that blasting media represents approximately 30% of the total blasting costs.

Blasting media consumption

In proportion to the smashing of the surface in the workpiece also particles of blasting media break. Estimate of blasting media wear is approx. 2k/h or from 1 to 3 kg per tonne of cleaned castings, but it depends from case to case.

Therefore, it is very important that we do not take blasting media as a matter of course, which comes with an abrasive shot blasting machine, but we are aware of the importance of blasting media in the blasting process and we know how to make the right decisions.

How to save?

If you want to reduce blasting media consumption, we recommend that you select the following options that we offer at QINGGONG Machinery.

Automatic adding of blasting media

It enables constant adding of blasting media to the circular system, thus ensuring optimum quantity of blasting media mixture. A warning appears when the dosing hooper needs refilling. It can be connected to the computer to monitor blasting media consumption and costs.

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Blasting media

Choosing the right blasting media can mean great savings which most of users are not even aware of. Based on our experience, the main focus is usually paid to the selection of a suitable blasting media, where we decide whether to choose shot or grit, what will be the size and hardness of the blasting media.

However, it is important to choose a quality blasting media, as sometimes more affordable offer misleads the customer that he doesn't pay enough attention to the proper quality.

With the help of the computer you will find it easier to monitor certain parameters and thus have the right data at the right time and make the right decisions.

One of the major challenges in any business is how to cut costs. As we are specialists for the shot blasting machine, we can advise you in this area. By choosing options and our technology support, we help you to reduce energy, media blasting room and maintenance costs. Today we will show you how to save on electricity, and in the next two news how to save on abrasive and maintenance.

The main consumers of electricity

Electricity consumption is proportional to the blasting time and represents somewhere between 20% and 25% of the total cost. The main elements of a shot blasting machine that affect energy consumption are the following:

throwing wheels,

blasting media handling and recirculation system,

dedusting system (dust collector),

workpiece manipulation devices.

How to save?

In company QINGGONG Machinery,  a china abrasive blasting media supplier, we are aware of the importance of optimizing and monitoring costs for users of shot blasting machines, which is why we offer special options that enable the reduction of electricity costs.

You can choose from the following options:

Frequency converter for throwing wheels

It allows you to change the speed and thus the efficiency of the wheels. Wheel power, current and frequencies can be monitored on the operation panel.

Frequency converter for dust collector fan

It enables smart energy savings, as in optimal cases a speed reduction of 20% means up to 50% energy savings.

Blow-off programmer with differential pressure gauge

It enables digital measurement and display of the pressure difference. It automatically regulates the blowing of cartridges according to the saturation and warns when they need to be replaced.

Energy measurement instrument

It measures the consumption of electricity, current, power and voltage that can be monitored on the operation panel. All this makes it possible to monitor cost efficiency.

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