How to maintain the dust collector of shot blasting machine

The dust collector of shot blasting machine adopt to the pulse-jet method to clean the dust on the filter cartridge. How to maintain the dust collector? Let us talk about more details:

1.    Check the transmission part of the shot blaster machine, open air switch, check the air locker running direction, check the operation of ash auger and whether have the abnormal noise. The normal operation time should be not less than 0.5 hours.

2.    Check whether the fan has foreign matter, close the regulation valve and jog the fan power switch to check the funning direction of the fan.

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3.    Check the support of the pipe and the connection is stable and reliable. Open the access door of the sandblast room dust collector, check the firmness and sealing of the filter cartridge installation. Turn on the fan to do the pipeline running test, so that can make sure the pipeline operation has no abnormal noise and good sealing performance.

4.    Check the power supply and air supply are correct and then turn on the pulse control unit in numerical order to check the connection sequence between the control line and solenoid valve. Confirm that the solenoid valves are in the correct order. According to the pulse controller instructions to set the control loop and the number of solenoid valves should match the output loop of the controller. Pulse width adjustment range between 0.03~0.3 seconds and pulse interval adjustment range between 3-60 seconds. It is required that the pulse controller should have an accurate pulse signal output and the program number displayed by the digital tube should be disorder-free.

5.    Observe whether the action of the solenoid valve is sensitive and reliable, whether the shot blasting system switching sound of the movable armature is clear, the injection time and opening degree of each pulse valve are the same.

6.    After commissioning, please turn off the power supply, air supply and the regulating valve to ensure the safety of the field equipment.

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