Tailored Hanger Type Shot Blasting Machine

Hanger Type Shot Blasting Machine is the most widely used shot blasting unit, it can blast cleaning all kinds of workpieces in a 360-degree direction, the advantages about this kind of shot blasting machine are as follows:

★The most compact shot blasting units in all kinds of shot blasting machine

★The most multi-purpose shot-blasting unit

★The least accumulation of blasting abrasives after shot blasting cause the whole workpiece in vertical and rotation during shot blasting

★The most efficient shot-blasting unit

★Easy to combine with the other processing units by using the overhead rail conveyor system

The hanger system can be separated into RT series spinner hanger system and RG series common hanger system, the RT spinner hanger system will be rotated at a speed around 2.8r/min to 4.0r/min. the RG series hanger system usually combined with an overhead chain conveyor system, the hangers will move forward with the driving chain system.

This kind of shot blasting unit can blast cleaning weight of single workpiece up to 50 tons within 7 to 15 mins.

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