Whether the Shot Blasting Machine Should Be Equipped with Explosion-proof Measures?

How does the shot blasting machine meet environmental protection requirements? The shot blasting machine mainly needs to meet environmental protection requirements on the dust collector. Specifically, the filter material of the dust collector is of good quality, which will not cause environmental pollution, and the dust removal system can operate normally and stably. In addition, the dust collector should be matched with the shot blasting machine, so that the dust can be recovered well, and the purpose and requirements of environmental protection can be achieved. So should the shot blasting machine take explosion-proof measures?

Ⅰ. Should the shot blasting machine be equipped with explosion-proof measures?

Whether the shot blasting machine equipment needs to take certain explosion-proof measures or not depends on the use environment of the equipment, the type of workpiece and the use requirements. If the workpiece will produce explosive dust during the shot blasting process, or there will be an explosion hazard under certain environmental conditions, then some explosion-proof measures must be taken to avoid or prevent the explosion.

Ⅱ. Concrete explosion-proof measures for shot blasting machine

If the shot blast machine adopts explosion-proof measures, the specific measures are as follows: 

1. The inner surface of the dust collector of the shot blast machine is not painted, and the body is equipped with vents. The dust bag should be a conductive filter bag containing metal wire. In addition, the flange of the dust removal air duct is connected to the ground, and a one-way check valve is installed on the inlet side of the air duct. 

2. The blasting machine body is grounded, the fan motor is explosion-proof, and each part of the circuit breaker is equipped with a leakage protector.

Ⅲ. How to make the shot blasting machine have a good cleaning effect?

In order to make the shot blast machine have a good cleaning effect, we need to do is: first, the shot blast machine equipment quality is good, at least the quality is qualified; Second, shot blasting parameters should be reasonable and appropriate; The third is to use suitable pellet materials. Only by doing the above three points can the shot blasting machine have a good cleaning effect. Pulse bag dust collector is suitable for shot blasting machine and can be used with all kinds of shot blasting machine.