10 common problems of shot blasting machine and more than 20 treatment methods

Shot blasting machine is a modern product that is very economical to use. Other modern machinery will more or less cause some economic consumption during the use process, but the shot blasting machine is an exception. It makes the shot blasting machine very important in terms of protection. If you want the shot blasting machine to perform normal operations, you must always protect it.

1. The dust of the dust collector of the shot blasting machine contains too much steel shot

It may be that the air volume of the separator is too large. It is best to adjust the baffle of the tuyere appropriately to ensure the dust removal effect, but not suck out the steel shot.

2. The dust removal efficiency of the dust collector of the shot blasting machine is low.

(1) The fan of the dust collector is connected to the wrong line so that the fan is reversed, and the line can be connected again;

(2) The filter cartridge of the dust collector is not installed securely or is damaged or lacks the filter cartridge. Reinforce the filter cartridge and replace it;

(3) The connection of the dust removal pipeline is poorly sealed to ensure the sealing of all components;

(4) The workpiece to be cleaned is not processed in advance according to the shot blasting process, and the workpiece carries too much sand residue, which causes the dust content of the dust removal inlet to be too high and the dust removal efficiency is reduced;

(5) The dust collector blowback equipment is not turned on or the number of activations is small, and the filter cartridge is blocked by too much dust, and the dust on the filter cartridge should be cleaned up in time.

3. The bucket elevator of the shot blasting machine does not operate

(1) Clamp, check the bottom of the hoist, and remove the excessively large particles at the bottom;

(2) The belt slips, adjust the drive wheel tensioning device to tighten the belt;

(3) There are too many pellets remaining at the bottom of the hoist. Stop the shot blasting system

machine in order to remove the excess pellets.

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4. The cleaning effect of the shot blasting machine is not ideal

(1) The supply of steel shots is insufficient, and steel shots should be supplemented appropriately according to the situation;

(2) The ejection direction of the blast turbine is not accurate, adjust the window position of the control cage of the blast turbine;

(3) The abrasive size is not suitable, please re-select the type of abrasive size;

(4) The abrasive will agglomerate after being used for too long. Replace with new abrasive.

5. The door switch of the shot grit blasting chamber does not work or can’t be opened

The door shaft is not well lubricated, so drip lubricating oil on the door shaft.

6. The machine is not agile, abnormal, or does not act according to the prescribed movement

(1) If the electrical components are damaged, check and replace more;

(2) There is too much dust on the dust of the electrical box, resulting in poor contact of the contact points;

(3) Excessive dust and dirt on the relay cause poor contact at the contact point.

7. The screw conveyor of the shot blasting machine does not work

(1) If the abrasive is blocked, shut down the shot blasting machine according to the shutdown sequence and gradually check and clear the abrasive;

(2) The spiral shaft is bent, and the outer diameter of the blade is corrected and polished;

(3) The welding seam of the spiral shaft head is broken, and the re-welding is firm.

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8. The separation effect of the separator of the shot blasting machine is poor

(1) Uneven flow curtain, adjust the flow control panel to achieve full curtain;

(2) The wind speed in the separation zone is suitable. Adjust the butterfly valve of the separator tuyere to stabilize the wind speed in the separation zone at 4~5m/s, and adjust the position of the primary and secondary regulating plates.

9. The blasting turbine has abnormal noise

(1) The steel shot does not meet the requirements, causing the blockage. Replace the qualified steel shot.

(2) There are large particles in the steel shot, which should be removed in time and inspected on time.

(3) The guard plate of the blasting turbine is loose and rubs against the impeller and blades, and the guard plate is adjusted.

(4) The bolts of the coupling disc in the blasting turbine are loosened, and the bolts are tightened firmly.

10. Uneven amount of blasting turbine shot blasting

(1) Adjust the opening of each abrasive supply gate.

(2) Adjust the gap of the separator falling sand adjustment plate to make the flow curtain even.