The Most Intuitive Understanding of Shot Blasting Machine

The shot blasting machine is used of the centrifugal force projectile to cleaning the workpieces and it will be shot 78m/s high-speed distance projection to the workpiece surface. When the parts are blasted, the equipment can make the parts in the projectile flow constantly replace the surface to achieve uniform shot blasting, so it is called shot blasting machine.

The shot blasting machine has been mainly used for the blast cleaning of welded steel constructions, descaling of forgings, desanding of castings ,removal of burrs and scales, surface treatment. Small, medium and very large parts can be economically cleaned.

According to the different structure of the castings bearing body, it can be divided into hook type shot blasting machine, rotary table shot blasting machine, tumble belt shot blasting machine, paver blocks shot blasting machine, roller conveyor shot blasting machine.

The tumble belt shot blasting machine is suitable for cleaning large and medium-sized castings without fear of collosion. The roller conveyor shot blasting machine and the paver blocks shot blasting machine are through the roller convey the workpiece to the chamber  for shot blasting .The rotary shot blasting machine and the hanger type shot blasting machine used for clean large and medium-sized castings. Generally, there is a fixed shot blasting chamber and  the cleaned casting rotary or moves in the chamber. The shot blasting chamber usually have several blast wheels, which are installed at different positions and projection from different directions to improve the cleaning efficiency and quality. 

The shot blasting machine is mainly composed with shot blasting chamber, blast wheel, abrasive cycle system, electric control system and environmental control system. Among them the abrasive cycle system includes screw conveyor, bucket elevator and separator. 

roller conveyor shot blasting machine.jpg

The working principle of shot blasting machine

Put the workpiece into the shot blasting chamber and the operator press the button to start the machine. The high-efficiency steel shot projection to the workpiece with high-speed. The steel shot from this process fall down to the bottom of the shot blasting chamber then the steel shot is transported to the bottom of the bucket elevator belt assembly respectively. The purpose is to separate broken steel shot and dust from the shot blasting processing. Through the sorting device, qualified steel shot will come directly into the abrasive silo above the surface shot blasting machine and ready to be used again. Shattered steel pellets will be separated again and dropped into the waste cylinder through the sand pipe. Dust is directly sucked away by the dust collector fan and adsorbed in the filter dust collector, finally dust falls into the dust recovery box that needs to be cleaned up regularly.

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