Shipment of a larger project for the buyer in Australia

In July 2021, QINGGONG Machinery has successfully delivered a sandblasting room for our Australia customer, which brings a good beginning to the third quarter of this year.

The size of the room body is 13*8*6m (L*W*H). The material of the room body is a sandwich panel with a glass wool interlayer and abrasion-resistant rubber liner. The room body wall is strengthened by welded strong square tubes. That can ensure the room body will be far enough to resistant the corrosion by the natural environment. The total thickness is 50mm.

We use 2 scraper conveyors and 1 screw conveyor to make up an abrasive recovery system.

This system can automatically reclaim approximately 60-90 percent of the blast media. The reclaiming abrasive on the floor is pushed into the scraper conveyors assemblies at the end of the work shift. The “H” shaped floor design is typically used in a “flow-through” room configuration where heavy workpieces and/or material handling devices can drive into the room. This is best suited for medium to high production.

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According to the requirement of the customer, we add a trolley inside the blasting room to transport the workpieces during the sandblasting work. And we use 2 sets of sandblasting pots to allow 2 workers to do the blasting job together. That can improve the working efficiency.

The summer is in full swing and with it high temperatures, which do not disturb our work rhythm. Production is fully occupied, which fills us with pride and satisfaction, as more and more customers have recognized the quality of our services and machines.

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The entire team of employees strives to meet all customers' requirements to the fullest. Buying sandblasting equipment is a complex process that requires a lot of time, energy, and planning, so it is important that you plan this investment on time and take enough time to think.

Our team, which consists of experienced engineers, technicians and sales staff, has been involved in many projects, so you can trust us. We advise you and make the purchase of sandblasting equipment an easier and more pleasant experience for you.

We are always developing new solutions and, depending on the available capacities, also the possibility of testing different types of sandblasting types of equipment.

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