Sandblasting room for Czech Republic customer

Yesterday QINGGONG Machinery had successfully delivered a sandblasting room for a Czech Republic customer. I’d like to give a brief introduction for it.

Sandblasting room system consists of Room body, Abrasive recovery system, Abrasive circulation system, Dust collecting system, Lighting system, Sandblasting pot, Workpieces hanging system.

QINGGONG Machinery has rich experience in design all kinds of Wheel blast & Airblast machines, let us introduce sandblasting room details to you.

The object that needs to be cleaned is an aluminum part, the max dimension of it is 7 x 3 x 3 m.

And According to our customer request, they want to save more power, not working all the time. our engineering team design the room size is 10m x 5m x 4m. The abrasive recovery system chose a semi-automatic system, with a 10m long longitudinal screw conveyor.

Sandblasting room for Czech republic customer 2.jpg

The wall of the sandblasting equipment body uses a noise attenuation sandwich panel with glass wool interlayer and abrasion-resistant rubber liner. The rubber liner also has the noise attenuation function, the total thickness is 50mm.

There is a complete painting line in the customer’s workshop, they have a long overhead track to transport the workpieces, they want the sandblasting room to connect to the track. According to the drawing of there workshop, our engineer adds an I beam on the roof of the room to meet customers' requirements.

Light fixtures use high efficiency LED lamps, which enables maximum utilization of the luminosity. The fastening system of the blasting room allows easy removal for maintenance.

Sandblasting room for Czech republic customer 3.jpg

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