Can the steel pipe shot blasting machine realize the utilization of residues

The steel pipe inner and outer wall shot blasting machine is suitable for surface cleaning and strengthening of large and medium-sized steel pipes. The cleaned steel pipe presents a silver-white metallic luster, and it is surface tensile and compressive strength are improved. This pipe sandblasting equipment is a through type, the roller conveys the workpiece continuously, and rotates while moving, without manual feeding, high production efficiency, and good cleaning effect. The special shot blasting machine for the inner and outer walls of steel pipes is suitable for the surface treatment of steel pipes and steel pipe products. It removes surface oxides, welding slag, and other debris, presents a metallic luster, increases its surface area, and facilitates the spraying and coating of the surface of the workpiece. It is widely used in petrochemical, steel, urban central heating, water supply, and drainage industries.

Its working principle is as follows: after adding a specified number of workpieces in the cleaning bin, the door is closed, the shot blasting unit is started, the workpiece is driven by the drum, and begins to turn, and the projectiles thrown by the shot blaster at high-speed form a fan beam and strike the surface of the workpiece evenly. To achieve the purpose of cleaning, the thrown projectiles and sand particles flow from the small holes on the XK belt to the screw conveyor at the bottom and are sent to the elevator through the screw conveyor, and the elevator is lifted into the separator. Separate. The dust-containing gas is sucked by the fan and sent to the dust collector to be filtered, and then becomes clean air and discharged into the atmosphere. The dust is blown back into the dust box at the bottom of the dust collector, and the user can clean it regularly. The waste sand flows out from the waste pipe and can be reused by the user. The pellet-sand mixture is recycled into the chamber through the reuse pipe and reused after being separated by the separator. The layout of the shot blasting device is simulated by a three-dimensional computer dynamically, and all the angles and positions of the layout are determined by the computer design. On the basis of taking care of all the workpieces that need to be cleaned, the empty throw of projectiles is minimized, thereby greatly improving the utilization rate of projectiles and reducing the wear of the protective plate in the blasting room.

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The specific advantages are as follows:

1) The machine adopts a pit-free structure, which is easy to install and reduces investment costs.

2) Compact structure, high efficiency, good cleaning quality, safe and reliable work, and stable operation.

3) The cleaning room is made of high-chromium-manganese plates, which are wear-resistant, impact-resistant, and have good strength.

4) Secondary dust removal (cyclone dust removal, filter cartridge filter), large suction site, clean dust filtration, and air emissions comply with environmental protection standards.

5) Rigorous assembly, high-quality bearings, and low motor running noise.

Generally, the assembly line has strict requirements for the outer wall shot blasting machine of steel pipes. Whether it is continuous transmission or long-distance transportation, it is possible to achieve both at the same time to achieve a systematic combination of equipment, that is, outer wall shot blasting. The integration of the industrial shot blaster and the steel pipe inner wall shot blasting machine. However, while meeting customer needs, such peripheral equipment should also realize the integration of automatic and manual operation, and classify the residue in the device to realize recycling.

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